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  1. Read that about his wife frannyo. A real party girl according to that article.
  2. I'm on docomo and my number is 090. Newsreaders say the dumbest things at times. And there are way too many so desu nes and "personal opinions" from nobodies on the news as well.
  3. Dirty snow looks really bad doens't it. There still seems a lot around though. We're off to Nozawa this weekend and hope its still ok.
  4. Anyone going up there this weekend? Me and a gang of 4 girlfriends should be there, hoping conditions aren't too bad. Let us know if you're going!
  5. Yes good on her. I've been harrassed a few times, but only the adventurous ones probably hit on a gaijingal anyway. They make me laugh those guys (well, when they're not harrassing me anyway)
  6. Congrats to you me jane. My b/f isn't Japanese but actually Australian. (He might even actually be one of the guys on here ) But I'll tell ya, they're from another planet them People from Oz.
  7. Very general of course, but I prefer soccer players over rugby players.
  8. Interested to know too. Sorry to hear about your leg.
  9. I used to be quite into progrock when I was at college. Boyfriend got me into it. I can hardly listen to it now without cringing.
  10. Just got a call from a friend in Nagoya who was a bit freaked out by that.
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