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  1. I actually had a small accident in my car last year. No-one was hurt it was on an icy road and I slid across the road very very slowly and very lightly bumped into a car that was on the other side of the road. Hardly any damage at all. The police were called, they were very friendly, the other people were ok about it too..... basically I just said sorry and they let me off. I felt I was really let off lightly, and generally treated well. I went round to the other peoples place soon after with a "sorry omiyage" and they were well pleased.
  2. Hi there Many other people here living in the Kyoto area?
  3. It would be so sweet to be able to pick and choose by living near the hills. Unfortunately, I don't so I'm in that group of people who just have to take what they get. I'm usually lucky though....
  4. Hi everyone. I fit in here I think. Hope to meet some more people in the Kansai area this winter.
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