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  1. I was an early adopter and I remember all those terrible text-based attempts that took an age to download that were out there. WIth even half the same rate of progress, I wonder where the web will be in another 10 years....?
  2. I've had an ipod for quite a while now. The only downer I think is the battery, mine is pretty much shot now. Thinking about getting one of the new longer-lasting ones to replace my trusted origi-pod.
  3. I think if I took my ipod out there it would get squashed and broken the amount of falling I'll be doing this first time out. I think I should be listening to my surroundings as well for the safety of everyone.
  4. I'm going to be going out on the snow for my first time this season so I'm hoping for good weather when I go. Does snow falling affect much? ie is it easier or more difficult to board in heavy snow??
  5. This will be my first season, so I'm a complete beginner. I've got all my snowboard gear in ready though
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