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  1. Hey all, In Singapore now. Got bogged down with uni and haven't been on here for ages. Can someone email/PM me Spook's website or contacts? Cheers.
  2. I have finally packed an earthquake bag and photocopied all my important docs.
  3. Originally Posted By: Mamabear After years of study and research even those who are experts on the area separate intellegence into various area's of intellegence, a person who is very academically inellengent can be seriously lacking in social intellegence. I know Mamabear. Been thinking about it a lot recently with my uni work. That's why I asked. Thanks Jynxx. Do you mean something like "gut instinct" for feeling intelligence? Like your friend example, knowing your limitations and the ability to reflect are parts of intelligence. I think intelligence/stupidity for the purposes
  4. I predict a church-boy v's gay-rocker final.
  5. BA offering flights to the UK at the mo for 35,000 (with surcharges and taxes of 50,000).
  6. Originally Posted By: bobby12 "plus they will credit you with pension "years" from when you were 20 until you changed to a PR, meaning that you don't actually need to work the min of 25 years to be eligible to receive a gov pension when you retire." - If so, that is massive and I would be stunned if it is true. I got the info from http://www.generalunion.org/ They don't credit you with money only with years. In order to qualify to receive a pension you have to have been paying into the scheme for a min of 25 years. But if for example you got PR at 35 years old and paid in until you w
  7. The basic rule is you have to have been 10 years on a working visa or 5 years on a spouse one. Sometimes if you have made a "special contribution" to Japan you can qualify earlier. I will be 10 years on a working one next year. I didn't change to a spouse visa when I got married. (You need to be on the same type of visa for consecutive years to qualify - If you were nine years on a working one, then married and had 3 years on a spouse visa you would still need to wait until you had 5 years on the spouse visa) As far as I can work out the advantages are those that snowdude cites, p
  8. You become liable for tax on income earned outside Japan. Does anyone know any others? I will be eligible next year and am trying to work out if it is the best option.
  9. Why not just tell kids the truth in a way they understand? "That man likes dressing up in ladies clothes." Lots of kids like playing dressing up games so it would be a simple explanation they could relate to. There are plenty of more serious things I hope my two year old will not have to see until he is older. Him seeing a tranny wouldn't worry me.
  10. Sorry to hear that PP. Hope you manage to work something out.
  11. "Dad, why is mum making strange faces behind you. Dad, I'm a bit worried about mum. Dad..."
  12. Originally Posted By: Go Native There's no monetary figure that could get me to live in Tokyo. Everyone has a price. Not even if you earned enough to live in place the size you wanted with a helipad & private helicopter to get you out whenever you felt like?!
  13. Customers down about 20% here. Not allowing staff to cash in paid leave next year (previously done in April). Also staff being told to take their paid leave and work 4 day weeks to avoid laying anyone off. Some staff complaining but most happy that there are no lay-offs planned.
  14. The monkeys are all gone. There are some men prodding the water with umbrellas.
  15. Mini Domo!!! That's great pic. Wonder what he is really thinking about.
  16. 12:56 on Wednesday. Agree with r45 on the content.
  17. Good to see all the pics. This was in October on MMT's birthday. He was a bit tired. http://api.smugmug.com/gallery/6748834_u9VpE#431049798_5jEUK-A-LB
  18. Here you go. Online from 5,900 but then you have to get it fitted if you can't do it yourself. http://www.autobacs.com/shop/c/c140000/
  19. It has to be connected to your visa card so if you have a J-visa it shouldn't be a problem. The cheapest machines are just under 8000yen in autobacs. Not syre about installation so Bobby 12's price seems about right. The cheap ones have a tiny display and don't speak to you but they do the job. Absolutely worth getting, so much easier and lots of random discounts. Most highways give a percentage off at night for etc too.
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