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  1. Originally Posted By: thursday what negative experiences? Like CB said, too many Chinese. (and bad vibes from a specific restaurant I wont name)
  2. To be honest, if you just wanna hit resorts then Yuzawa is just as good as Hakuba and since its has easier access from Tokyo its preferable.
  3. Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo station and go to Yuzawa, only 1h 15 mins away. If you stay there you can pick from almost 10 resorts depending on your level.
  4. Originally Posted By: Banno Thanks Native, Yeah I did Rusutsu last year and enjoyed it and I am also doing a day there this year as well, so Kiroro is not worth going to? It depends on what you are after and if they got a bit more snow since New Years. It definitely worths a day or more there.
  5. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy Ive got a darth vader one for sale name your price!!!
  6. Hey bb, whats up, getting ready for the snow?
  7. I think T-day is a unique phenomenon that should be studied, since he is the only poster in a snow related forum that 99% of his post have nothing to do with snow.
  8. Did anyone notice a really classic one missing.
  9. Sure, if its people that can say: I have skied (X) amount of days in Hakuba THIS season and the conditions are (Y)... Gordon if you are after skiing groomers top to bottom, then better w8 till January. If you are after the BC and high Alpine get on a plain ASAP before the next storm sickle arrives and f's things up.
  10. I hiked both days dude, not just groomers, + I got a seasons pass for Tsugaike.
  11. I was up on tsugaike on Sat and Sun with the female Ninjas. That side of Hakuba was awesome too, I am glad that I gave Kagura opening a miss this year. Only 9 cars in the parking when I arrived and half of them with mountaineering gear camping up Tengu.
  12. Originally Posted By: keba The whole "nouveau" concept is a beat-up by the Beaujolaise to sell this rubbish as some sort of special treat for a special occasion. It's very ordinary wine, made with a very nondescript grape variety, and I don't know why anyone bothers, except it's another excuse to get drunk, cheaply. It's like with Champagne - "Mmm... here we have all this unripe Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape juice, what shall we do? Let's ferment it again to make it fizzy to hide the acidity, and put a premium on the price! Suckers..." It's all in the marketing, like the Emperor's new
  13. Originally Posted By: Mattaus having never been to the snow I can't really tell how good that is. But I'm assuming it is Comparing it to surfing, that would be 8 ft with offshore winds.
  14. Originally Posted By: Mattaus Whats the weather like in late Febuary to early March? Myself and 2 mates will be there from the 21st of Feb to the 9th of March. Will it still be good for Snowboaridng and the like? March 22 last year above happo
  15. It doesn't matter if its 30-50-60 or 100 if you are not coming up to poach it CB. Asking about it just make you more miserable. Stems, can I borrow you pass for a few months.
  16. You lucky B*** thats a great resort you scored a job at. Will your G-friend follow or you will be free to taste the local delicacies...
  17. I would say its scraped. I only use hot wax so cant comment on the other stuff.
  18. That looks waxed and scraped to me. Can you take a pick where he scraped the base with his nail. And one to see at least half of the board.
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