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  1. This thread rivals if not overtakes AK’s thread of shame, but for completely different reasons. 11.22-25.2007 My co-worker and I had been planning a trip to Tateyama for the last four weeks. We did beacon practice in Yoyogi Park (his first time using a beacon) and attended “Avalanche Night” by Japan Avalanche Network (JAN), to which Slow came along as well. We learned a lot at JAN. So Thursday evening at 5:30, work was supposed to finish, but due to a printing deadline, we didn’t leave until 6:45. The tone for the weekend was set when at the car rental place I realized I hadn’t check
  2. ft, how come he/you/they didn't ask someone to look at it first? as an editor whose exams i help make get taken by 1,600,000 test takers per year, you can't have mistakes on it. i agree with kuma and cb and the general consenus. tateyama tr of shame up momentarily
  3. glad you came slow. prolly a lot of people there didn't realize what the hazards of bc are either. now you know, good for you.
  4. you're prolly right on the money, jane. The CPR courses at the Fire Department cover only the basics--victim has stopped breathing, has no pulse, and/or appears unconscious: what do you do? How? And in what order? They also spend time on how to operate those AED (Automatic Extended Defibrillator) boxes you see everywhere nowadays. my impression is in japan you need an IV and a bed for three hours as treatment for a common cold, copious amounts of different ($$$) mediciation for the flu, and very necessary and time consuming visits to the dentist to do what could be done in north america i
  5. You only pay for the materials. Written medical terms are easy to understand in Japanese. If I know the kanji, med. terms make sense: 胸骨- kyoukotsu 胸 - breast 骨 - bone "sternum" 心拍数 - shinpakusuu 心 - heart 拍 - beat 数 - number "pulse rate" That, and 2,600 yen is wallet-friendly
  6. they also said 12,000 people applied.... so i don't have my hopes up...
  7. i'm no bc expert, serreche, but tateyama was pretty cold at night even at GW w/ EBC and AK. -5 ? at night. it's always colder sleeping on top of the snow.
  8. i've got the Montbell Ultra Light Down Hugger Super Stretch #2, suggested temp. range 15C to -15C, comfort zone down of -4. http://webshop.montbell.jp/goods/disp.php?product_id=1121726 but i've never been cold in it. and it packs down tiny for how warm it is. i'm a regular clothes (long underwear, ski/board pants, base layer) sleeper. bags are rated as if you're sleeping in your underwear. if u don't wanna spend a lot, u can also buy fleece or silk liner for in combination with a down jacket and hot water water in a bottle inside ur bag or sleeping between two others wi
  9. i'm doing mine at the fire department. thanks, dyna88. hope u can get enough people interested!!
  10. The NPO Japan Avalanche Network (JAN) has released the dates for "Avalanche Night," a free, two-hour slide presentation and review of last season. The guy in charge said they'll be spending a lot of time on the Tateyama slide. Being a non-profit Japanese entity, the lecture, all questions, etc. it is all in Japanese. http://nadare-net.jp/2007/10/08_2.html Tokyo 11.20 Osaka 11.29 Nagano 12.20 among other dates and places
  11. here you go http://www.vill.hakuba.nagano.jp/info/0709/07_08happy7.html i didn't originally post, but your welcome kuma, u didn't know? the last couple years, gamera or montoya put up links stemik, is there a list onine somewhere?
  12. Don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but it deserves it's own thread. Yeti officially opened today! Man-made snow, a whooping 1000-meter slope, Aba Ranger, a Snow Trooper and the Easter Bunny: Another place in the Kinky Region (CB's territory:) is set to open with man-made snow. http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20071019-00000027-mai-soci
  13. No, Fattwins!!!!! you shouldn't tell him he has zero chance of winning!!! He seems to a) have a Japanese bank account in Japan, a Japanese mailing address, c) a Japanese driver's license, gainjin Card, or some other ID, and d) a way to send the info back to Nagano BOT w/in 3 days, if his name is drawn. Never heard of a foreigner winning this anyway. it's not ryan. he already asked about it on facebook.
  14. Here's another chime for HAKUBA. I lived in Colorado for four years if you are coming straight from Whistler, you won't be disappointed with Hakuba. You'll have all the time you want to get to Hakkoda, etc. in Tohoku. Tanigawa-dake in Gunma is one of Japan's highest-served lifts at 1945 meters. But it's a pain to get to w/o wheels. Go to Hakuba, drool, and then see the Hakuba mountains in your dreams forever and ever.
  15. I've taken First Aid Basics in the states as a teenager, but forgotten everything until last year when I took First Aid Basics + AED through a Fire Department-sponsored clinic at work. I want to brush up my skills, we all need to, so I started looking around for other First Aid clinics in Tokyo. Course and plans vary with associations, all in Japanese, but in general, it breaks down to: Basic First Aid courses (about 3 hours) Basic First Aid + AED courses (about 4 hrs) Medical First Aid full course + AED (about 8 hrs) Advanced First Aid (about 8 hrs) Yamada Taro (John Doe) A
  16. there are a white "register for this site" box on the left and a bluish "once you've registered at this site, register for the drawing" box on the right. registration screens are different maybe get someone who reads japanese around you to help.
  17. Originally Posted By: dizzy yes, first register. (as in make an ID and password) Then you have to go and "register for the drawing". hate you burst your bubble, but how are you going to pay 3K to the nagano board of tourism if you win? they only except (japanese) bank transfers, and the deadline to pay is extremely short--2 or 3 business days from notification. if you have a japanese bank account, then no problem though
  18. woo-who! let's not buying so it'll be a few more weeks B4 goggles start rolling out?
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