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  1. looks like fun! what's up with the sassa in the crack? i thought it snowed heaps there!
  2. Chicago's not so windy today. tho the storm canceled tons of flights again today.... it can rain in the village all it wants as long as the elevation makes it snow on the mountain
  3. Medium Tall, but double-check your measurements--they may still fit you b/c they are Tall. cb's got first dibs
  4. i have no pc access during the day, so it takes me some time to respond. here they are: but the measurements are waist: 84cm / 33 in hip: 104cm / 40 in Tall length: 85cm / 33.5 in Arcteryx Minuteman Pants Mens Color: Dark Cinder yes, those are vents on the sides (with zipper garages!!) and Schoeller Keprotec patch on the inner ankles for you skiers 3 people have given these pants 5-star reviews on bc.com let me now if you know they won't fit. that way we can save a takkyubin trip
  5. Sick! Sick! Sick! FT, good write up. Tsonda, you should've stayed another day. These days are rare. How often do we get a whole slope to ourselves for the whole day. Not many want to hike out. But fark was that good.
  6. Originally Posted By: samurai FT- I'm going to be very disappointed if you carry this trend beyond early/no-base season. Did you really give up your skis for a noboard on (what looked like) a sick deep day? FT wasn't noboarding. it was me, kuma, and kuma's friend, a local ripper. but, like any good friend, FT was giving us the shize steezin' Noboards no for reazin'. what he said was true--you guys are gonna fall half way down the mt. and we did--in tracked up pow. hilarious good times. Originally Posted By: samurai I understand that little off-piste is ridable now, but I can't wra
  7. Originally Posted By: Oyuki kigan also, pricewise, it might be cheaper to t-bolt new inserts for the bungee than buying a whole new board. i was going to say the exact same thing. you could also poke new holes through the noboard pad and then get new holes drilled into the Fish. but i hear ya
  8. FT, next time I come by, you'll be treated to a nice bottle of wine. up until sat. morning, i didn't know you still had mine in the box....doh! addict in the house?!! he rocked up at the perfect time. how long is he in for?! i'll prolly miss him, i don't get back to nippon until the 10th and hakuba until that weekend. tell him i said hey
  9. page 3?! The sky is falling Anyway, good to see so many familiar faces this weekend. Jer and I ran into AK, EBC, and Kuma on panorama Saturday. I was using my Bibs for the first time at resort. Stoked. At the restaurant, I did my Farmer Dizzy walk holding my suspenders. Reminded me of the Funny Walking Contest we had out of the packed Kokusai Restaurant early last season. I am so gonna win the next one.
  10. My first experience noboarding couldn't have been on a better weekend. 30+ fresh with winddrifts of over a meter, one of the first in line at the gondola, and a fun crew. The funny thing is that the length of the boards was (unintentionally) inverted to our heights! I was the shortest (168), using my Winterstick and Kuma was the tallest using the Fish. Noboarding is super hard work on tracked up powder, forget about braking trail w/o snowshoes, but it is so much fun in untracked powder on a steep slope!!! Our first run, we heard cackles from FT shouting from the lift, than
  11. about two weeks ago, there was a split board 100,000 on sale for 50% for 5 man at ICI in harajuku. don't know if it's still there now tho.
  12. i saw what's on you tube and excerpts of what was submitted for Banff Film Fest. i just re-read a good interview of Sherman Poppen. It's a wonder what's happened in the last 40 years. I wonder what people'll be sliding down 40 years from now Christmas 1965 Sherman Poppen invents the Snurfer 2005 or 6 First Noboarding in Japan 2007-8 The Noboard takes over Japan 2047.... Poppen Interview here http://www.flakezine.com/poppen.html
  13. Doh! leave it to TV to cut and paste how they like it was there any footage of anyone noboarding / did u give them the noboarding video? 乗るね!
  14. YABAI!! well done, kuma! pffft, and you said it was too early for a magazine article
  15. No action shots. The snowpack outside of the bottom of the ropeway: almost 1.5 meters there. Murodo had a base of 2.6 m. And most of that in like a week and a half. View from the top of Murudo. "Hell Valley" and the sulfur that smells like Asahidake in Hokkaido:
  16. -17 almost reminded me of home. -80 F with the wind one day during high school finals in chicago. just going from my house to the car my eyebrows froze. other pics of tateyama, i'll have to look. but yeah the friday bluebird was amazing. the guys camping on the otherside of us and some people near us on the hike out also said they'd never had or seen a better three days at tateyama. made me feel fortunate and angry at the same time.
  17. alls well that ends well and you live and learn. the snow was solid none of my equipment broke i wasn't too cold at -17 at night (-8 or so inside the tent) yes, mike powder, hakuba is much more accesible with steeper and better lines then the first and last pics, even in may
  18. he was using ft's mountain hardware bag rated -25, i was using my mont bell U.L. superstretch. i love that bag even more now.
  19. --Best bindings I've ever owed in 17 years snowboarding --Rock solid --Takes asspolutely no time to get them on and off (near a chair lift or in avalanche terrain) --Fifth screw? Never used it --Currently use 06-07 NXT AT (light as two feathers) and AMP 5 (more sturdy) --I like the feeling of wearing slippers if you have problems putting them on whilst on a slope, you should turn around so that your toes are facing the mountain. dig a ledge with ur board and you're in. love 'em
  20. i took a day off work and went to the CPR course today. Two hours infant, child, adult CPR & AED. Two hours practice. Two hours on bandaging various wounds and injuries One hour reviewing and taking a ○ × test. My brain is full. I've realized I don't need to keep so much gauze in my first-aid kit. I need two or three handkerchiefs. The good part was all of the staff were friendly and didn't mind explaining something twice in smaller groups. But 50 of us sat on vinyl sheets on the tile floor all day. If anyone else registers with the Tokyo Fire Depart.'s cour
  21. i stand corrected serreche, at tateyama it was -10 at night and prolly -18 with the wind. tents surprisingly warm up during the day in winter tho.
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