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  1. u could just start off w/ on the small jumps in the park and work your way up from there. i think that water will be COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD as sure feels good in august though
  2. Originally Posted By: Stuntcok I have been poached! that's hilarious! no, i'm not the one with the alias
  3. that should be the new PM gear catalog cover shot yes, cb i think you've met her @ the lodge b4. i don't wanna but i might be in t-town on the morning of the 19th...hopefully get some hiking in cause my knee is better(!!)
  4. you got home fast, too. did you guys take charley to that place? i'm 20 minutes from where we ate. i don't think she'd care either way. yawn. but good to see you mate
  5. we just got back from dinner with Charley. Risa, Slow, Yama-san, my g.f. and Tsondaboy. FT, you hung up before I started saying "Waaa?" Then Tsondaboy goes, "Let me do the WWWWAAAAAAAAAAA!" classic.
  6. oops. glad u guys were out by the time it happened.
  7. another fine picture! what are you guys doing in the backcountry these days???
  8. looks pretty cool to see the large photo next to the small one; good photo!
  9. sic pics, guys, standard s-turns we've come to expect from FT. super jealous!
  10. good stuff guys more screen saver shots of kaerazu. i have a collection.
  11. Hey, thanks, kuma. me being a punter. the second picture i'm really far away ;3) i'm doing my daily stretches and can feel the knee gaining strength slowly but surely.
  12. good stuff, FT. my favorite ascent is the one of you breaking trail. ominous i don't wanna risk further injury, so i'm gonna take it easy for the next couple weeks. sick pics!!
  13. butt or ass perfectly fits. well, at least that's what i hear about a lot of people's first day out
  14. haiku has 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. in japanese, there's usually a "season" word in the first line telling you which of the five seasons it is, which i ignore. backcountry magazine has one in every issue. Cool crisp winter air I spent the day on my butt First time snowboarding Take off your bindings Surf not waves but powder snow! Say Yes to the No Good friends good weather We wear smiles turn after turn What else do you need?
  15. got a knee brace from the doctor today. it's definitely my MCL. the pain has gone done down considerably. i'm just glad i don't need surgery. when i do a soccer-ball-catch-like movement, the pain is incredible. the next few weeks have to be written off.
  16. sick shots guys. i like the first 2 of jer- different contrast and feeling with the photographer's location from some recent pics kumapix and your arm, if only there were KUMAPIX action figure!
  17. that's a pretty sweet picture, janus. i look so tiny compared to kaerazu in the background. compare to one of your previous times you've been up there, janus:
  18. i went to the doctor this morning. surgery is unlikely. it's my MCL (medial/inner) knee ligament that's been over-extended. i'm getting a knee brace soon. i'm just glad i don't need surgery.
  19. thanks for the well wishes, guys. janus, hope the back heals up quickly.
  20. Gore-Tex vs. eVent http://www.getoutdoors.com/goblog/index....n.html]Gore-Tex vs.eVent the link takes a minute to load. i know some people (non-SJers) who have eVent and like it. did u check here ?
  21. Couldn't ask for better skies. We were concerned about the winds slabs down in the snowpack and the wind scour from the northerlies. A day of sunshine and no new snow in the last 24 hours. What better way than to spend Leap Day on the north faces of Happo? Lap 1 Friday morning, Kumapix and I went to Skyline to find the top Quad closed. We dropped off the north face. Kumapix, slash into the sunshine Me: Lap 2: We met up with Janus and Paedde (his last day of skiing on his Japan journey), we left one car at the exit and double-backed to the gondola. I've been want
  22. thanks for the get-well wishes everyone. went to the hospital in tokyo this morning b/c we don't trust the place i went to on saturday. got 3 x-rays, some shippu, a bandage wrap, and pain killers. it's either part of my ACL or my MCL (medial meniscus ligament); will go back and see the sports specialist--the same guy who helped me with my wrist four years ago--on wednesday. but, the good news is that i'm walking without cruches. what dumb trick to try. mr. wiggles said it best at Tracks Saturday nite: "ooooh, terje, one-footing it! ooo!!" u can always count on your SJ buddies to
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