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  1. Also does anybody know where to go in Shigakogen during the New Years holidays that is not crowded?
  2. Which Shiga Kogen resorts are the least crowded during New Years?
  3. I thouht I heard something about a ski sale on the radio the other day at Big Hat in Nagano. Does anyone know anything about this?
  4. Yes, I am still here. Thanks for all the emails. When the snow starts falling we will arrange a time to hit the slopes. My number is 0265-83-3375
  5. I am looking for someone who skis regularly in the Nagano area that I can hang out and go skiing with sometimes. I am pretty proficient at high speed carving but I want someone who is at an advanced level that can help me take my skiing to a higher level. It is always better to go skiing with someone better than yourself. Plus I get bored skiing by myself all the time. I live in southern Nagano near the Ina Ski Resort but I often go to Hakuba or Fujimi Panorama to ski. This season I am trying to make schedual free every Friday to go skiing. So if there is anyone out there t
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