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  1. Quote: Originally posted by slow: Wikipedia is so useful! That is if you can read Japanese
  2. You use the watch for the hike up. Just put it on your pack and once on it put in on your wrist on in your pack. My first altitude watch had a normal wrist strap but also a strap specially designed to hang on your pack. So i used to have it on my pack all the time. The one I currently use i have on my wrist. Really now complaints sofar.
  3. I have one from Oregon Scientific. Half of what a Suunto cost and same functionality, but they stay big. (also with heart rate monitor) I think it is a rp109 or rs109
  4. The (little) attention for the event probably faded after they didn't make it to the knock-out phase.
  5. All these guys are overpaid, but some are more wimpie celebs than others.
  6. You see the duct tape under on the picture? Under it is a rivet. you could take it out again but I think unless you ski moguls fulltime they are better this way.
  7. England might wake up from their hybernation just in time to win from a limping Portugal.
  8. Hey I won and I didn't even know that I entered this comp. I have seen better one's on this forum though. Really like FT powder shot with some composition adjustment, killer!!
  9. I thought that it has only offcially started but no tennis yet because of the rain.
  10. Here is the box. Thought it was Japanese but it isn't, as you can see for yourself. The product is identical to the picture (colour etc). Condition is good.
  11. Can't be bothered to make pictures of the boxed bouncer. It's free. It's Japanese. It looks fine. Bright blue. We never used it because we already had one but it was used by our friends baby. (it's easy to have a lot of things double) If no one is interested I'll have to through it away and that would be a waste.
  12. Portugal-Netherlands was interesting. It almost was a mixture of American football, after every 10 seconds a freekick, and icehockey, pushing and shoving and small fights during the whole game. Too bad Portugal scored. It should have been 5 reds. figo only got yellow after he gave someone a headbutt. England in current state will have a change to portugal in their state because most of the Potugese already have a yellow and 2 good players are benched. Mainly Deco will be missed in the Potugal team.
  13. I want to keep one pair. I have a black/grey here in Japan and a red/yellow back home. Both are Flexon Racing Comp. I sent picture to CB maybe he wants to forward them to you. (Maybe they are too small for CB?)
  14. Here some good sprays on http://www.1stdecade.de/northernlite/cocaine/ NorthernLite_Cocaine_large.mov. It's about 60Mb so it might take some time to download but worth it.
  15. Anyone interested in a vibrating baby bouncer? Never used the vibrating part but it comes in handy for many things like feeding.
  16. Quote: Originally posted by 2pints,mate: Here's the current FIFA top 200, with the USA in there are NUMBER 5!!!! Czech Republic on 2??? Germany 19!!! Just behind Japan but also behind Cameroon, Nigeria and Egypt.
  17. My favorite is: Ooooohhhhh, help I'm going, can't stop (when you lost the toss for first tracks and go first anyway). Only do this with good friends on a good day.
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