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  1. I heard last week Naxo has 75% of the tourbinding market in Austria. So I guess they overcame the earlier designflaws and are making a solid product now. but you should look at the new Marker coming season, espacially integrated with the Blizzard Kreitler Pro Model or the Blizzard Big Akira model.
  2. Hmm I think we went on the wrong days last year, I really had to search for some untracked pow.
  3. Isn't selling your used tickets to others oficially illegal. That makes it as bad as having no ticket at all and just barge through the checking line. Although everyone seems to be doing this that doesn't make it the 'right' thing. I like the thing that I can resell my daypass to someone else. That makes it easier to go somewhere else for the afternoon or stop early.
  4. 15 years ago on some sports program Scott Schmidt showed the viewers how it was done. He made it look so easy that I was certain i could do it. After reading this article i guess I was wrong.
  5. You can scrape too much. But that is not exactly what I'm pointing at. It is about scraping too hard. If you don't want to scrape you base 10 times to get a good result, you might try doing it in 5 go's while pressing harder. Also to get the last bit off your base you might press harder than normal, And with a well maintained plastic scraper and too much pressure you can scrape off more than just wax. I have seen several times and I have to admit I have done it too, ruining my favorite race-skis for me. It might not be rocket science but for some it is science. A friend of mine is a profe
  6. I remember Temple Basin as the place where I didn't stop because my legs were burning, but because I wasn't able to hold onto the nutcracker anymore. TB really has some great terrain but also enough straight forward powder-8 descents. TC also has some gnarly lines with some big drops. Although I prefer TB over TC if I would have to choose 1 to stay for a week I would go to Wanaka and ski TC and Cardrona and maybe try a heli-drop or 2.
  7. Really cool picture ianbc. And the thread keeps growing longer and longer. But how does it work with the original subject. It started out as "snow in Japan", then became "snow in Hakuba" powered by FT, Toque and CB and this season it changed again, this time to "snow in Hakuba and BC" (that's is very different from snow in Hakuba BC.) Isn't there a way to change to name of the subject for the thread?
  8. If you don't know what you're doing then you're better off by not scraping. In your enthusiasm you might scrape off some base making the base hollow. So scrape, but not all.
  9. On the Fritschi you miss the traditional big toepiece, but it works good. Price would be the right decisive factor here.
  10. I had them both. uphill I prefer Fritschi downhill I prefer Naxo So depending on how you really what to use your skis I would get the Fritschi or Naxo. (I sold my Naxo setup but that was because of other reasons) The Naxo design flaws are gone so don't worry about that when buying a new Naxo binding.
  11. I heard from several friends that Switzerland was good 10 days ago. 1 went to Zermatt the other to Engelberg. Both had hipdeep powder. But in general there is a serious lack of snow currently.
  12. I don't know if why we skiers like faceshots. It is cold snow, you end up with ice freezing up in your face. But it says (used to say) something about the depth of the snow. And depth of snow is an important funfactor. For me the best thing about skiing is the time you can take off your boots at the end of the day. Although on a good day you want to postpone the skiboot moment as long as the lifts are running.
  13. I agree with the pockets. Got a new jacket yesterday and I have 7 pockets inside the jacket - keitai pocket - Ipod pocket (large enough for my new mp4 recorder) - mesh pocket - goggle pocket - special helmet liner pocket!!! - wallet pocket - pocket for general use - lift pass pocket (not a real pocket but has a zip)
  14. exactly what I heard. If the Japanese want to hear they are special, they can get it and it costs 1 cent.
  15. I live in The Hague (for now). - I'll be in Austria the first week of January (Mittersill/Pas Thurn) - Then the weekend after that me and some friends will do another weekend to somewhere (depends on the snow situation) - In March there is a plan to do a Saas-Fee/Zermatt to Macugnua (right spelling) with a befriended guide. What are your plans?
  16. Let's organize an SJ Europe get together. I'll bring my helmet cam you bring yours and we shoot all other SJ loving person in Europe. My personal experience was that the standard angle even 6mm was not good enough for filming as you either don't see a horizon or you don't see your skis. I really missed those points of orientation. Skiing in the trees in Japan was good without the wide-angle, but skiing in more alpine surroundings in the alps makes the footage very boring. So I got a more wide angle lens hopefully this will work as I'm planning on using it more than last year.
  17. Quote: Originally posted by quattro: [ Quote: The Kandahar the name refers to is the famous Kandahar slope in St.Anton (Aut). Or the run downhill run in Garmisch also called the Kandahar. Yes you are right it in Garmisch not Anton. Maybe not so famous then.
  18. I use my mp4 recorder for my helmet cam. advantage: - price (150 euro: cam + mp4 recorder) disadvantage: - image quality (good enough for web) - no remote - maximum recording length I don't use it that often that is why I won't buy the required camcorder with dv-in.
  19. Even CNN did something about Niseko being taken over by Australians in winter
  20. it depends if I get my stuff before the end of the season. Right now most of my stuff is somewhere in a container and I only can get to it when we move into the place we haven't found yet. Sofar planned for 8 days, hopefully increasing it to 20.
  21. Quote: Originally posted by number9: Kandahar is the hardcore ski racing shop in Kanda (but the name is an unintentional pun) http://www.kandahar.co.jp/shop/index.html The Kandahar the name refers to is the famous Kandahar slope in St.Anton (Aut). Maybe try Wangel or ICI proshop they seem knowledgeable.
  22. all depends on conditions and the actual equipment used. In general, in shutterspeed priority mode (tv) try 1/1000 the aperature should be f6.7 if not adjust shutterspeed. I think you need to overexpose, due to too much whiteness making the actual picture appear darker. but only 2 stops (+2/3, not +2) I don't know much about Nikon, but I think the nikon lenses are even more expensive then similar Canon lenses. As long as you don't want to go professional think about a similar Sigma lens. Good lens with a more affordable pricetag.
  23. I read somewhere that from a strictly economic perspective 1 child is perfect. So that's what I keep telling my wife. You might expect that it is zero, but you need a next generation to look after you when you are old.
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