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  1. Fatties not getting jobs, thought this was interesting:




    "Employers are shunning fat workers because they think obesity affects productivity and indicates a lack of self discipline, a report suggests. A survey of 2,000 personnel officers found most preferred to hire someone of "normal" weight. The findings suggest overweight workers are being marginalised and given fewer opportunities than their slimmer counterparts".

  2. Hi, new here, fairly new to Japan.


    Looking forward to the winter, not too keen on the summer that's just gone.


    Just wondering if I can pick some brains. I haven't got any equipment with me here. Plan to be here at least a year, but it might get to be more. (just one more year.... ;\) )


    Question - buy or rent equipment? I'm hoping to go to the mountains at least 10 times - probably much more. So I suppose buying will be the better alternative. (not sure on the exact prices yet). One of the +'s of renting I suppose is I can try out lots of different gear. Just don't want it to become really really expensive.

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