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  1. And a bit of choccy or some other treat every now and again makes the pain a bit less.
  2. I wonder is there any point to these lists that seem to get made. I mean come on "surver to find the best abs"??!?
  3. Me too, if I don't reply fairly quickly it gets either lost or just forgotten about.
  4. Class! I always wanted to do that to an old tv.
  5. No you are not alone Bertie. Whenever I'm out there I see some pretty serious near-accidents. All you can do is try to be careful yourself.
  6. Anyone ever try it? Is it worth it, I suppose it must be a 3-4 hour journey compared to 90 mins on the shink.
  7. Compared himself to Ichiro?!? In what way?
  8. Very big. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4174729.stm I wonder if they've been kind with the legroom.
  9. I think it can be done in 2 hours with no holdups. Maybe think up to 3.
  10. "and no less than 49 boys were called Canon, after the camera" Oh yes, I want to name my son after a camera!!! Hmmm.
  11. Out of interest how did you get them? (How does anyone get them?)
  12. Was in Sahoro before Christmas so New Year was quite quiet.
  13. It wasn't crowded up in Hokkaido (Sahoro). Not empty but nothing annoying.
  14. Quote: coz they are all old and BUTT ugly ....not on the news report I saw, they're not....
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