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  1. I'm going up there on Friday, thats the plan anyway, hoping for a bit of a topup before then
  2. That is disgusting. It should be banned.
  3. She annoys me as well, a lot. She comes across as an extremely annoying brat.
  4. I wonder if he is lucky enough to get 10000 spam mail as well. (Was)
  5. I'm hoping for a massage and some hairs plucked from my chest.
  6. Thanks. So there's no version out there that has both E and J then. Shame that.
  7. Quote: porno kantoku guy Would that be the guy with "the eyes"? Norika should just not comment and let us view her comments.
  8. guzzlers - is the voiceover on the Japanese DVD in French or English?
  9. Looks like it's still waiting! I was thinking of going to Kagura this weekend but I think I might wait. It is probably going to be so busy.
  10. I read about the Kagura stuff (nice to read & see the pics folks). Anyone else manage to get out on the snow anywhere?
  11. Got to say I really don't like being out there in blizzard conditions. It does not appeal to me at all. Perhaps I am getting older.
  12. It is excellent. Winged Migration is as well. See them both.
  13. Sloth sounds a bit boring though, doesn't it? Not very exciting. I'd look into whales, 97. Good luck.
  14. Quote: oh, Mr xxx - he's a henjin There you go. He's strange.
  15. How much of the meetings was taken up with dudes just reading text that you all had in front of you, word for word. A fair bit, I guess.
  16. 1. Not really into bright yellow (though it would probably end up looking good). Makes me think that misorano has done his stuff not in the fridge but on the snow.
  17. Which girl are you talking about Fattwins? I've seen no slagfest.... And even if there had been a slagfest, I'd have thought it was people using the forums who were doing that, not "the site". Strange!
  18. Seen this? ------------------- Here is a petition boycotting war of the worlds, because of tom cruise, interesting and funny .....check it out http://www.petitiononline.com/Tomkat/ To: Steven Spielberg Dear Mr. Spielberg, We, the undersigned, wish to inform you that we are compelled to boycott your movie “War of the Worlds”. Our decision is based solely on the abhorrent behavior of Mr. Tom Cruise. We will not be spending our good money to support the ridiculous and potentially dangerous antics of this raving narcissist. Mr. Cruise’s actions and comments have
  19. Farcical. Quote: Sir Stirling said: "I cannot see why they could not put in a chicane. If Ferrari didn't like it they could have pulled out of the race." You cannot see? They got 18 points. Not a bad move if you ask me.
  20. Cool. I'll be over to England for 2 weeks then a week with family living in Spain.
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