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  1. Hardly "best" but I'm getting a fair few recently that come from names like Tommy Bagel and subject lines like It's Tommy! I got 6 today, each with different names. WTF?
  2. (Who actually said the internet is a big truck?) Good new section by the way!
  3. I was reading somewhere where it seemed to be showing that Softbank actually has lost share up until now with AU being the guys gaining.
  4. Clicking on an email that initially looks legit and then realising that it isn't. What was with the South African then le spud? Never met any myself.
  5. I like them, got about 4 myself.
  6. In the past your predictions have often been too vague and/or predicting things that seem to happen fairly often anyways. So they don't seem like amazing predictions. It is interesting to hear them though so do continue. We'll give you a mark out of 10 each prediction
  7. I watched The Chamber this weekend, based on the John Grisham book. It was very average, I remember enjoying the book more. going to see V for Vendetta tomorrow night.
  8. Not exactly snow is it, blocks of ice!! Ouch. I bet you let out a few "golly that hurts"-like remarks when you did that!
  9. That second part is about not having a criminal record?
  10. No, I think the 'security' dudes that move traffic with their flashing red rods on a country road must be. Imagine looking into 30+ peoples mouths every day. Must be awful.
  11. Anyone go? I often wonder what these people are thinking: http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/otaku/denden-festival-cosplay-pics-161817.php
  12. Quote: I can't imagine why they would choose to run Windows on any hardware Harldy anyone does actually "choose" Windows... it's just there.
  13. Zaoman, you actually live in Zao Onsen? Can't be bad!
  14. I think he is being sarcastic. (Perhaps for the first time ever?)
  15. Thats too difficult. I like your phrase "heartlessly dumps" I often listen to my music on shuffle unless I'm in a particular moood.
  16. Janes Addiction was the best I've been to. Some impressive lists here!
  17. Never heard of that JPchucky - what exactly is that? Even wine is a bit too strong for my liking.
  18. Amazing! "Say miaow" "Miaow" Incredible!!
  19. 10 gigabytes?! That sure sounds a lot..
  20. Hey all you lurking 'guests'..... come on I dare you to think up some witty handle, sign up and reveal yourself! Go on!
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