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  1. Well I have spent time with it and I really like it. Still learning some things about it but generally there are lots of good improvements. I still haven't had any major issues either, so I'm glad I made the move.
  2. What are you guys talking about?! I get way too many emails as it is, so I would like every once in a while to get a letter. It must be over a year since I last got one.
  3. I don't think I have ever used them, not even once.
  4. This year there seems to be a lot of "oh please let me try again, what can I do to get through" talk going on......
  5. Heroes I hear is very good. Season 4 of 24 will be on Fox Channel next month (or April?)
  6. As long as we're all happy I'm enjoying it and glad I made the upgrade. I really can tell the difference comparing it with my other XP machine, Vista is a much better experience.
  7. CDs and DVDs - probably got over 500CDs and a fair few DVDs as well.
  8. 1 thing I noticed is that IE7 hasn't given me 1 problem yet. (The download last year did). It seems much improved.
  9. I just don't really understand why you care so much Indosnm. But hey it's good to care about things
  10. Me too, I call it a day when I feel like finishing - even if it is 3. No point in staying out there when I've had enough. Have done it once or twice and it put me in a real bad mood.
  11. You'll have to wait a bit longer. Snow depths now are very low compared to usual
  12. Yes but it wasn't that good. I presume you mean the one in Glasgow, Scotland?
  13. Ever so lovely. Actually I am so glad I did this upgrade (esp. as it cost so little). Vista is a much nicer experience. I'm still finding things out about it, but I have had no bad experiences so far at all.
  14. Damm I bet they have sold out now. Would love to see them.
  15. Well I am on Vista now. It took a fair while to get it going but everything went fine. No install problems and no incompatabilities with the software I use (apart from one but I could download an update for that). It looks much better than XP, I like it so far. My PC seems to be slightly faster now than it was with XP. Certainly not slower. Quote: slow, faulty, over protective, resource hogging, glitchy video playback, incedibly annoying pop ups, drivers missing, it goes on and on. Nope, don't see any of that lot. I'll be installing Office 2007 by the end of the w
  16. I've got it and I'll let you know how it goes hopefully tomorrow
  17. Good thing about the handhelds is you can get the games from overseas and they play ok, so no need to wade through lots of Japanese. I recently got a ds as a present and having a lot of fun with it. Metroid is good.
  18. Monkeys are cool. More monkeys please Goemon.
  19. OK a thread about it because I am interested and will eventually no doubt be using it. I'm finding lots of the news reports and issues more than a little confusing though. Already. How is Joe Public supposed to make a decision about this?? Whats all this about http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6286245.stm "Microsoft has defended the digital rights management systems integrated into its new Vista operating system. It follows reports that Vista would "downgrade" the quality of all video and audio, if they were not output via approved connections on the PC."
  20. Giraffes can stand 15 minutes after being born and can run 1 hour after being born. Now that is well cool.
  21. You might be a bit late now there likesDaPow. I'm sat here working. But I hear the snow is falling... hope you have a good time. I'm going in the 2nd week of Jan. Let us know how it went.
  22. Good move. Never really liked the stronger yellow color.
  23. I noticed a difference. Having said that, there were other factors at play. If you are going hispec, it will surely be worth the little extra.
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