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  1. Fattwins, I really don't particularly want you to say anything! Your last sentence shows how you still do not 'get the point'.
  2. This kind of 'line' is EXACTLY one of my reasons for my decision to have this new policy!
  3. The point is I want to go to places other than Niseko and Hakuba. Whether they are busy or not or popular or not with Japanese (or anyone else for that matter) is not relevant. Quite simple, don't you think?
  4. Hardly getting push and marketing like "Niseko" and "Hakuba". Perhaps you missed my point!
  5. OK I'm going to say it. I'm getting a bit bored of hearing about "Niseko" and "Hakuba" and the other main places on the list. Yes they are there for a reason (good, being sold, the "main places"), but I want a change. So this season I've decided to check out some perhaps less well known places (to me anyway) that aren't getting all that hype. Here's my general plan. I'm going to check out some places in Iwate (I have friends up there), I'm going to check out Yamagata Zao and a few places round there - might even bump into soubs - and I want to check out some places in Fukushima mayb
  6. Good idea. This season I am going to avoid all the "big names". Actually I'm going to create a new thread.
  7. You can buy a ticket just before you get on the train in you want. There are spaces and racks above the seats so you can take the gear yes.
  8. BEen watching some Curb Your Enthusiasm of late, with Larry David the guy behind Seinfeld. Sometimes its just hilarious. He brings up some fun and interesting points though and gets in the most awkward of situations. Well worth a watch. Today Ben Stiller was having a birthday party two weeks after his birthday and Larry was going on about "when is the cut off point" aftyer a birthday you can have a party. They also said "no presents" but everyone but Larry took a present and he was moaning off about that. Not singing Happy Birthday with everyone and kids talking about tits. Le
  9. Quote: It's just too easy. Important part, it is just too easy. Lots of people now just don't think anything of copying, "stealing", and distributing things that they do not own the rights to.
  10. No but I wouldn't tell they they were great either!
  11. But I have heard someone say "jozu" to someone, then when that person has gone turn to me and say "heta kuso". Does that count as tatemae?
  12. Thanks but I can't find anywhere at all where I can change the settings.....
  13. When I was a kid my nickname was orinoco - maybe I looked like him..
  14. Hi there In the Japanese version of Windows Vista, you can have it so that everything appears in English which is really good for me. I am wondering if you can do the same with Office 2007. If found this: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/suites/HA102113681033.aspx but can't get further than that page... nowhere to download or anything. Anyone know anything? Thanks!
  15. I'm really up for it now hearing about all the snow. Going to get the gear out again and have Part 2 I think.
  16. I'd prefer not to drink in the baths actually - wait until after and then really enjoy that first drink. Perfect.
  17. Quote: Finally - are we being foolish looking to go Japan to ski with our kids? Not at all! The opposite, I'd say. It would be fantastic. Good luck with the decisions on where to go and the like.
  18. I wonder how your efforts compare to your chopstick using skills? Sometimes it is really hard to know how to respond to comments like that, don't you think?
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