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  1. I'm not very technical bobby12, but I like it. (Well, compared with XP). I have been using it for more than a year now and not had any problems. My PC doesn't crash at all either now and seems quite stable. This is all apart from that last update which messed things up a bit, but I uninstalled them now and am back to ok. Discontinued in 2010 - doesn't that sound rather unlikely?
  2. Well I updated my Windows last night with the official updates (there were quite a few). Anyway, after I had done them, IE would not work. At all. It just wouldn't show a site (Firefox could and the connection was ok). It took me a few hours to get it working again. Very frustrating. (Eventually I did that be uninstalling the new updates). Just thought I would warn other people who might be in the same situation. (No need for MS haters comments here, we know them all already).
  3. Anyone else watching the Bond movie on the tv now? They are up to about minute 30 of the movie in less than 10 minutes -- there's so much editing going on and taking out of important story scenes that it's almost totally incomprehensible, it's like watching an "edited highlights trailer" version. I don't often watch movies on the terrestrial tv here, but do they always edit so ferociously?
  4. Got to say, we managed back home in the same circumstances...... Why do they wear the uniform though?
  5. they are digging the dirt on each other!!
  6. He should be able to get his post count up though a fair bit. Get well soon!
  7. Quote: If no-one ate beef, there would be no-one breeding cows and they would become extinct. Why would they become extinct?
  8. Why don't you, you know, just like, you know.... ASK THEM! I'm sure they will know where they are located.
  9. Is it normal in a Japanese hotel to charge 70% of the adult rate for children 6-12 years old? Seems to be for a number of places I have been checking out.
  10. Under-rated songwriter, Neil Finn. Some great songs.
  11. "Christmas presents time" for my family is when I go back to see them. Not wasting tons of cash on sending things over.
  12. Back to Seinfeld. Classic. I thought the latest seasons were not as good though. Around season 3-4-5 just brilliant.
  13. This Whispernet sounds interesting. Surely you need to be somewhere specific to download it. My head is a bit mixed up right now.
  14. Where exactly did I ever say that I wanted to ski unknown places? Go on look back and re-read. I never said that. I never even (consciously) implied that. I don't know why you are getting so worked up about this. I was simply starting a thread and quite sad that it has turned out as it has here. No thread is safe it seems!
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