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  1. Originally Posted By: JA
    What version of Office were you replacing, oh womble?

    Don't know the name of it, a previous one.
    Does that matter?
    Had zero problems with Vista and 7 either when I first got those.

    Has anyone ever heard just why Windows 7, for example, has no mail client?

    Don't even understand the question, never mind care.

    I find it all quite amusing actually.
  2. I bought Office 2007 pretty much when it came out and installed it to replace my previously ancient version. Didn't have a single problem once. Makes me laugh all this talk of bugs and massive problems. Never had any. With the amount of testing this new version has had, and the pretty good reviews all round, I would buy again. If I had any money and felt I needed it!


    Some people just seem to get off endlessly moaning and bashing Microsoft / Apple / Sony other big hugely successful company, regardless of the merits of the product.

    Others just enjoy things they feel like enjoying and have less stressful existence!



  3. If you get Windows 7 Ultimate, you can download the English language files easily and switch to English. Very simple.


    If you get any other Windows 7 (ie. not the Ultimate version), you can still do it (though perhaps this is naughty) using something called Vistalizator (easy to find it on search) and then do it that way. It works, my Home Premium is in English that way.



  4. I got Vista when it was first out.


    No problems at all. I really liked it from the word go. Probably I'm one of the 'tens of thousands' - perhaps even more wink - of users who thought that. We're perhaps not as vociforous as the anti-MS protestors.


    I'll be getting Windows 7 as well on a new machine in October/November with no hesitation.

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