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  1. nice one snowdude. always good to use a freebie too. I got a myoko ticket from sj too so I'll be there sometime soon, though it will probably be late March.
  2. That sounds nasty enough in itself. If I recall people were touching the fish and just basically getting in the way and being rowdy. Did they make many changes to get more under control?
  3. Originally Posted By: Nisoko My god, that is bad. Someone should take it down, perhaps in the middle of the night. Bart Simpson would be good at that. I'd volunteer.
  4. Surely actually playing a real guitar would be more fun than that?
  5. Ezorisu - getting Little Big Planet? Awesome!
  6. It would be best if it folded up once again to make it half the length. That would make it easier to take on trains and buses too.
  7. If you don't have a PlayStation 3 yet, here is your reason to go get one. This game is just totally awesome, got it the other night and can't put it down. The most amazing game experience I have ever had. (Apart from Pong of course).
  8. Like "completely" ãã†ã„ã†å•é¡Œã¯ä¸€åˆ‡ç„¡ã„ "Totally no problem like that", the mad woman says.
  9. Well I just though I would ask here and people could write down their experiences. Not science really!
  10. I thought it might be a good idea to post general times it takes for air mail to get to Japan from different places. I'm keen to know about Hong Kong, so anyone onegai shimasu. Ones I know in my experience: From UK - about 6-8 days From US - about 8-10 days
  11. That photo! Would those insects be alive and moving? I suppose "fresh is best" applies with the insect food as well
  12. The last 2 machines of mine have not had floppies. I think the last time I used one was about 5 years ago. I do have a lot of discs though and I suppose I'm going to have to find a drive to get them all on my pc once and for all. Most of it will be junk but I want to check them all before clearing out.
  13. I try not to wish any of my life away but I sure do want the hot period to fly by fast.
  14. Whats the R4 chip thursday? PS3 to get a $100 price cut next week is the rumour.
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