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  1. have to say its one of the best things about japan, that not matter how drunk everyone gets, the threat of violence isnt there, in some places back home, u can almost smell the anger and fights are just so common. It is one of the biggest reasons why i hate my pikey filled shitty little furusato back in old england and why i am not looking forward to leaving japan this summer and heading back there!!! Only fights i have seen were at a festival between two blokes and their mates, and was over a girl but the festival was called `fire and violence` in japanese so seemed to fit!!!
  2. i have heard rumours of these enko girls but does it really happen? I heard they were those stupidly big white socks as a sign. I just thought it was an urban myth!
  3. Does anyone know if u can watch the midweek game on anyform of sat tv available in japan??? Lions need to get stuck in this game, lift the confidence a bit and protect the ball at the breakdown....
  4. i know that nakata and nakamura were suspended but even given ninety minutes did inamoto ever once pass forward, that guy is unfit and overrated and the worst of all lazy.... even as an england fan , watching japan drives me nuts cos they never do anything with the ball, there is no aggression going forward and ultimately Zico should take the blame, i really think a new coach should come in, they played shit in every qualifying game, lucky to pull out a win against north korea and bahrain first time round and they cant score to save their lives, watching the crowds go nuts was funny though....
  5. i find it amazing the japanese crowds still scream everytime japan gets the ball in the oppostion half. Its not like they ever score! You think they would have realised they rarely do anything with the ball, except pass pointlessly around midfield for the entire game. Still nothing like a game against threatening neighbours to stir up some nationlistic pride...
  6. errr why do clubs agree on undisclosed fees, is there a reason? Van der saar is well past his best but nething is an improvement for man united.
  7. Always wonder why clubs agree to have an undisclosed fee, why do they chose that? Is it because one club is embarassed by how much they are paying or getting for a player? How comes undisclosed fees arnt more common? There must be areason for them surely?
  8. But it is fair point about tv saturation. I thought it was bad before i left for japan and has only got worse... two, max three live games a weekend is ample. else we will all get bored.... Nice to see they might let liverpool in to defend their trophy, and no qualifying round!!! Enjoy that one, man u and everton! Also nike might pull out of their sponspership deal with man u, wise considering vast majority of fans started being fans when they won everything.... so couple that with millions pounds of debt Glazer has given to them, might be a tough few years ahead for man u in the pr
  9. I just have this sense that chelsea will meet AC milan in the final and Mr Crespo, who chelsea have cleared to play against them will score the winner..... why would u pay half the guys wages for him to play at ac milan and then have him in great form and let him play against you. The other thing i have to say about Chelsea is that Peter Kenyon keeps prattling on about making Chelsea a viable business.... i dont see it somehow, not even with their flash new sponsership deal with Samsung. Chelsea dont care how much money they waste. Crespo is a walking, living example of it. Bet u the
  10. Anyone know where u can download the entire brawl with Bowyer and Dyer..... Bowyer should be sold , he is racist thug, and if it wasnt for football i reckon he would end up in jail. But Dyer, he is in great form, played great in his sub appearance against northern island and has the faith of the manager Souness.... had just last week apologised to Sir Bobby for being a prat when Bobby was in charge and now this......bad timing... i have checked uk nova for motd but not uploaded yet . anyother places i might see the whole three rounds??????
  11. For the long weekend in early January am thinking of going to Gifu , anybody got any recommedations on places to go, not all bothered by snow parks , just good runs with good snow, is there a good place to village to stay in where we can maybe get to two good resorts from so can see two places in gifu.... anyfeed back appreciated, and some snow would be nice
  12. Hello to the Wise out there, i have heard that many places offer over nite skiiing with torches and the like on new years eve? Is this true and if so where? Anyone know or has done so before? Bright sunshine.... wheres the snow damm it!
  13. Quick question. Whats the deal with lift passes in Nozawa Onsen resort? Is there a five hour pass or just a half day or full day one, anybody know what time the half day starts and ends?
  14. Hi all, Planning a two day trip to Nozawa and wondered if anyone knew of best cheap places to stay in Nozawa like a really cheap Ryokan. Also planning to go 13 14th march, any views on snow quality? If it sucks , is there somewhere else in Nagano or niigata where quality snow is much more likely. cheers for any help/advice offered.
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