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  1. Had never seen before but had some Tabasco chocs over crimbo (got them in Seijo Ishii), and bloomin good they are too. Especially recommend with a nice smoky whisky.
  2. Been a while. 4 years old(?) and still going strong, thanks SJ! Spotted another one over the holidays in Yuzawa also. Anyone else still have theirs on display?
  3. I was involved with the filming of a few documentaries in Taiji and have been many times. The biggest problem is the fact that the dolphin meat is so highly contaminated with Mercury it is dangerous to eat. Due tot eh fact it is high up the food chain means that it is far more highly contaminated than other food from the sea. When consumed this can cause a number of illnesses including something called Arctic Baby Syndrome (reversal in normal ratios of male to female births- seen in Arctic and Northern Canada), Autism, as well as Non Hodgkins Lymphomas disease, and cancers. We were actual
  4. Google Squared is very useful for work. Answers displayed in spreadsheet format. http://www.google.com/squared
  5. His restaurant in Tokyo is good though! Had a good meal there just the other week. As a person...not so bothered.
  6. and from the Economist... The Economist Group expands Apr 1st 2009 From Economist.com Explore a clickable map of The Economist's new theme park AS PART of a strategy designed to broaden the revenue base, leverage content over new platforms and promote The Economist brand to a young and dynamic audience, The Economist Group is delighted to announce the development of a public-entertainment facility that combines the magic of a theme park with the excitement of macroeconomics. After six months of negotiations with the British government, The Economist Group can confirm that Ec
  7. No probs. Its a great tool and easy to get the hang of it after a bit of a use. Looking forward to your "tweets".
  8. Originally Posted By: thursday could I possibly avoid the addiction bit. ..as a registered card carrying AA member, possibly not!!
  9. I'd suggest a snow related search on Twitter and see who you want to follow. (Also suggest a chap called Darrell_Nelson ), then start to inform the world of all the best bits you post on Snow Japan site with links here!! After a few days you'll be addicted!
  10. Any of you people use Twitter? I have gotten quite into it recently "tweeting" for work and private, great connector of different NPOs too. I find it a really useful way of staying up to date on various topics you are concerned with. Better than an RSS feed and more fun! Quite like this article in the FT FT on Twitter Quote: The blizzard of short messages on the service “extends peripheral awarenessâ€, he says, with the nuggets of observation and information flying by creating a richer “context†for online life. SJ- You guys not thought of "tweeting"? Imagine it woul
  11. Got around to buying a wifi station so I can dispatch with all the annoying cables lying around at home. Thought it would be a pretty straight forward process, but have been having major probs trying to get it all set up. Cables all attached correctly going through my original router and then to my mac etc. First of all couldn't actually reach the server for to change settings and register as it says to do. Just says the server is not responding. Tried rebooting it all, rebooting Mac, nothing. THen all of a sudden without actually doing anything, finally managed it once, but it sti
  12. Oyuki- Good suggestion but I doubt it is in line with what they are looking for. As I am acting in more of a consultant form I don't have final decision, but I may do some research and see what groups are involved in that from Japan. To be honest though I think it would be too close to the bone for a Japanese TV company to pick up on. I have seen a documentary from the BBC I think in a similar vain though. Do you know of any groups involved directly with this at all? What projects are you involved with? I know you do things within Japan but any that involve other areas as well? Any other
  13. Quote: Tokyo tower, you can see all of Tokyo and Mount Fuji clearly on a good day. And chances are as you are coming in January the sky will be clear. I recommend the Government Towers in Shinjuku over Tokyo Tower. It is taller and is free! Great views and you don't have people trying to sell you crap! Meiji Shrine is good for a visit to escape the hustle and bustle. Daikanyama is nice to saunter around as is Shimokitazawa for a more bohemian vibe. Also Korakoen is really nice huge garden/ park. Or do a day trip to Kamakura to see the massive Budah, (Daibutsu) only about 30mins from To
  14. Quote: A Japanese group educating on sustainable fishing methods....oh the irony!! haha. There are actually a few groups trying to change things both internationally and in Japan. Basically f they want to keep eating the ampount of Tuna they do, then it has to change!
  15. Need to once again leverage a bit of useful info from all you knowledgeable lot!! I need to find a subject for a documentary with Kyodo TV about some kind of NPO/NGO conservation/ education project. My brief was really broad, basically it has to be a japanese based group working on a project in an exotic location, and helping either a non main stream animal/ group or project. For example, one group I am exploring is the Japan Burkina Fasso Foundation who help to build schools and water wells in rural areas of the african country. Another is a group who try to educate fishermen in Maurita
  16. Biggest question is though, salt and vinegar crisp bag colour...blue or green? Which should it be?! Personally S & V - Blue Cheese and Onion- Green Don't know what Walkers was thinking!
  17. Totally agree with all the above, especially pork scratchings and scampi fries!! Top bar snacks! I am very much a savory over sweet snack person. Hardly eat any chocolate but could tuck into all the above and binge out easily!! I remember 10p bags of crisps in the vending machines after swimming. Remember Hedgehog falvoured crisps, what were they all about, loved them though! and piglets? Also Wheat Crunchies, they were great! ahhh I culd totally go on and on....
  18. Anybody managed to try a tipple yet? Supposed to be going to a party tonight for it. I remember at uni we used to have a big black tie event starting at about 7am with the wine and it would go on all day.
  19. Seems Fry and Dr House Laurie have a lot of answers!
  20. Wander what it would have been like in UK now if Maggie had her way and everything was privatised, how much of a mess then?!
  21. Beer Song- Hifana Jordan Bennet- Bennet Find Enjoyment- Ray Barbee Processed Beats- Kasabian Garden Groove- Camper Van Beethoven Having said that, I probably would have skipped over number 1 and number 2 if had been actually listening!
  22. "...gave him an almighty blow on the back of his head." Think that may have been the Japanese whalers getting a bit for science actually not the whale!
  23. All time classic, NZ V Tonga, Tonga reply to Haka. Tell me that doesn't get you revved up!
  24. Press Release International Rugby Board (IRB) Rugby World Cup 2007 Following complaints to the IRB about the All Blacks being allowed to motivate themselves by performing the ‘Haka’ before their games, other nations were asked to suggest pre-match rituals of their own. The IRB Rugby World Cup 2007 Organizing Committee has now agreed to the following pre-match displays: 1) The England team will chat about the weather, wave hankies in the air and attach bells to their ankles before moaning about how they invented the game and gave it to the world, but no one app
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