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  1. i need some new goggles, Oakley A frame? Electric? arnette? dunno what to get. i think ima try and buy a pair in jimbotcho im going to japan for this season, in japan do you need reflective lenses or non-reflective? or both?
  2. Anyone been to this place/these places. I belive they are "joined up". Looks interesting.
  3. Friggin' hot man. Late October is the best: ...end of the heat ...beautiful scenery ...winter on it's way
  4. I'm one of the guilty ones using this forum and never posting.
  5. I am not the most experienced, but the best place I have been to was Shiga Kogen. So big and loads of runs to choose from. Really nice place.
  6. If I say "sorry" to someone, I am sorry, my girl. But I like snowboarding.You don't like cold weather. You cannot share hobby with me, why not. I will stay in Saitama after March. Please give me one more month. P.S. nat- As long as you are not injured, should be okay.
  8. Just about getting used to it and not too happy Puffy are terrible, Ocean11, it must be a joke!? And people like V6, etc etc etc etc...?!?! Bz are fairly cool though.
  9. DON

    In Japan?

    Yeah I am in Japan - from this week. Have been using this site the last few months and it's really primed me up for the season. Great to meet everyone, hope to get the chace. Don Yamanashi
  10. ha ha ha @ canterbury draught gotta be speights mate
  11. yea, i should prolly fork out for some burton gloves in jimbotcho, i remember last season, my friends complaining about the many pieces of my gloves stuck in a kicker we were built...ha ha ha, cheers
  12. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, you know when you have just finished typing something long, and you see a typo, so you click in front of the typo and hit "backspace" immediately after, and the damn browser goes "back"...? so then you click "forward" and all your typing has gone...? GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ah well, what i was gonna say was that i won some K2 mitts last season in a comp. they have fingerless liners so naked fingers are all good. but when its really cold on the lifts i prefer to bunch my hand into a fist, unfortunately, i keep breaking my wrists so i wear (oh so dorky) wrist guards under my gloves, thus preventing me from employing the fist technique. plus i prefer the increased finger mobility of gloves over mitts so i never wear them... ha ha, ....maybe you might want em? ima try and buy some new fingered gloves in tokyo next week.
  13. this is good to see what other ppl are riding, clothes maybe not so relevent, but anyways, board: burton & option bindings: drake & drake boots: thirtytwo decked out in NZ clothes whats the deal with gloves? i buy a new pair and a week later they in tatters... what causes the demolition of gloves? putting your hand on the snow? carrying/grabing your board? ropetows?,,,,ha ha ha, i wish. nah, does anyone know?
  14. DON

    In Japan?

    wellington, New Zealand awaiting my plane, to Japan estimated time of departure: 7:30am 17th December. oooooo, its like two weeks!!
  15. yea, good way to learn switch, but how will duckfoot kill your knees? i dont necessarily disagree with you, i just wanna reason before i quit my angles, maybe, you could gimme the link to the discussion you talked of.
  16. yea, switch is important. ive nearly got it down, i mean, i can go down any level run and i will just look like a goofy-footed rider. but i still get scared going off a kicker switch tho, and really steep faces, scary to do switch. the way i learned was when we used to wait for the jumps to soften up, we'd do runs with heaps of little 180s, butters etc etc, and the bits of switch riding help you out. switch definately helps you understand the finer points of regular riding. cuz you concentrate on the movements. like, natural-footed instructors have to demo basic skidded turns in switch for goofy-footed learners. argh, halfpipe walls in switch are hard, probably cuz im shit at the pipe tho...ha ha
  17. hey, i dunno where it is exactly, but thats the place, teine highlands, where the skischool director is that famous guy who skiied down mt everest. and he taught jackie chan how to snowplow on skis in 30 mins or sumthing, damn, thats reason enough to go to that resort.
  18. hmmmm, yea, same deal with my friend donating them to me... i havent actually tried the plates on my F60s. instead i tried them on my old F40s and concluded they wouldnt fit the F60s either.... i'll try them on the F60s next time i see my board then.... thanks.
  19. im going to Onikoube resort in Miyagi, to work for a season. they say they get powder but i really doubt that. lol yea, iris, i forgot about them. how much do you pay for goggles in japan these days? maybe i could get some discounts at the resort, if im working there? or i'll just scout the shops in jimbotcho. awwwwwww, i cant wait to go boarding !!


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