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  1. Why go to Appi? Hakkoda is much better for the powder and you can find some pretty nice stuff there.
  2. I have some 03' Head I.M 75 skis. They rock at Hakkoda. You all need to head up here sometime!
  3. I have this ski resort game I've been playin were you have to design your own ski area. It's pretty difficult! They only give you like $50,000 and it goes by really fast.
  4. As you all know there are many choices for head cams. Does anyone have any advice on which brand to buy?
  5. Maybe Cheney and his buddies had to use them for duck hunting? I'm sure you could shoot a whole bunch of ducks with those big mommas!
  6. Another awesome weekend at Hakkoda! I went out Sunday and it was just breath taking. Nice clear skies. The snow is starting to get really soft, but it is late in the year. I skiied one run with this japanese dude that was in his early 70's. This dude can still rip it! This was one of many highlights of the year. So many memories I'll be able to tell to my grandchildren down the road. Hopefully when I'm in my ages, I'll still be able to ski like him. If there still is snow....ski/board until the day your knees fall from under you. If anyone wants to go up to Hakkoda give me a holler.
  7. Barok! What's up fello cheesehead? I'm from LaCrosse. Where did you ski in Japan? I mostly ski Hakkoda and the nearby areas around Misawa. Hopefully I'll be able to do a lot of spring skiing.
  8. I'm very happy with my hard case Pluck. REI has them for a pretty good price
  9. Ski and still going strong. Well, a bit tired and all. I'm still having fun!
  10. I was out snow shoeing today around the Hakkodas. Still plenty of snow to be found. Tomorrow should be a nice clear day. That's what snowjapan says anyway.
  11. I would love to go gassan! I'm not ready to end the skiing season just yet. It's been a pretty good year of skiing. Drop me a line if you would like to go there. partyngo_2@hotmail.com
  12. I would love to go up there! Hopefully Plucky would wanna go too. Give me the details at Partyngo_2@hotmail.com That would be awesome skiing/boarding with fellow SJ peeps. Ski/Board On! CRipper
  13. Wow! Nice pics :-) That would be so much fun skiing that. I'll guess we'll just have to ski b.c in a few years.
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