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  1. If I sense that a Japanese person wants to speak English I usually speak English with them regardless of their level. However, if I find them irritating or if I'm not in the mood I'll stick with Japanese. My choice of language also depends on the other people involved in the conversation. By that I mean I want them to understand rather than wanting to show off my linguistic prowess. Here Is proof that not all French people refuse to speak English. When I lived in Paris I was good friends with a Swiss girl whose first language was Swiss German. She used to get really frustrated when sh
  2. Sorry, I don't know what the conditions are like in Furano now. I'll be going that way from 10th-14th so I can tell you after that...but I won't go to Furano ski jo as I don't like it. I'll probably go to Furanodake, Sandan yama and/or Asahidake. You can check snow reports somewhere on this Snow Japan website though.
  3. I've got Salomon shoes and I've been really pleased with them. They've been great for climbing mountains and they were even fine in the mud with gaiters. My reason for choosing shoes over boots is that I wanted to use them for everyday when I go travelling.
  4. Are you travelling by car? If so it takes about 5 hours depending on the conditions of the road. I've done this journey soooo many times both in winter and summer. The quickest route is to go from Furano to Yubari, then to Chitose then from there follow the signs to Shikotsuko then Kutchan (if you're going to Hirafu area). If you want more detailed directions I can give them to you. You could use the expressway from Otaru to Mikasa...but it doesn't actually make much difference in terms of time. Also, sections of the expressway are often closed due to the weather. Once I had to do
  5. That's AHA, isn't it? I was given an album (tape) of theirs when I was a youngster but I'm pleased to say that I was never a fan. On the radio I heard that they've just released something new. I think they're trying to say that life is shown to be wonderful on TV. Perhaps they never watch the news.
  6. At first I thought it was a small company but then each time I heard back from them (4 or 5 times) it was from different people. Of course I listed the names of all the people I'd corresponded with each time. It was all a very frustrating process. Thankfully it's over now (I hope) although it set me back a few thousand yen for postage and I didn't get my new board. Oh well...I'm still having fun on this board.
  7. I finally got a refund. I was worried that the company had shut down or something as the communication got so bad.
  8. Hi Bushpig. Thanks for your mail. Sorry, I've edited my mail since you replied so there's more info in it now. The company is sideways people. I paid by paypal so I was wondering if maybe I'm covered by them. To be honest not much time has gone by since I asked for a refund but I'm starting to worry as they've been consistently poor in contacting me and delivering the goods.
  9. I ordered 2 boards from an American company but I'm having problems with them. It's a long story but I ordered and paid for 2 boards in mid-December. Originally they said they'd deliver to Japan then after I ordered and paid they said they wouldn't. I then ordered with a US address but only one board arrived. I told the company who said they'd send the second board but it never came. After contacting them about that I was told they'd deliver the boards to Japan so I sent the one board I'd received back to the company for them to forward to me in Japan. I haven't heard from them since. It
  10. The bar's called Loaf Lounge. It's in Kutchan town so you'll need to get a nught bus if you're staying in Hirafu.
  11. The bar with the skateboard park is called Loaf Lounge. It's in Kutchan town so you'll need to take the night bus there if you're staying on the mountain.
  12. I'd like to ship a board from the US to Japan. Can anyone recommend a delivery company? Thanks.
  13. At Niseko information is posted at the lifts which is great. I think the report in Japanese is fairly comprehensive. It certainly has a lot more information than the very brief English version! However, for those whose Japanese is up to reading the reports I do think that it's a bit of a false guarantee to rely on them. I do realise that's not exactly what you were suggesting: Quote: Originally posted by nikeii: If you read the reports and have enough experience or are with an experienced person, you may decide not to use a guide. Quote: Originally posted by nikeii: These da
  14. Quote: Originally posted by grungy-gonads: I'm very well dressed and well groomed too. Please contact me by PM. So why are your gonads grungy? Ahh...I see. Well dressed and well groomed doesn't necessarily mean that you have good personal hygiene. PS...Did you get my PM?
  15. I agree with Sava. If you're only visiting for a short time then a guide can show you safe areas which are what you're looking for. After that you know how to get there. The guide can also take you to areas that those with little or no backcountry experience wouldn't be able to assess the safety of. I know people who've been caught in an avalanche in Niseko. They just ducked one rope to get there. It's an area in Annupuri which loads of people go to...over the past year or 2 it always gets tracked out really quickly. My friend and I went there the previous day but took a safe
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