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  1. Just worked it out - average 2.5 years. I'd be interested to know what people get. I have a toshiba notebook now, the one before was Dell and that had a lot of small problems, I wasn't too pleased with that one from the beginning (build, some issues with the hardware)

    Morning Greetings!

    Sunny sunny morning.


    You mean proper BBC not BBC World. That really is a borefest if you ask me. A few years back they used to have Sky News channel - that one was very UK-centred. Unfortunately it go cut.
  4. If you like the Cult check out their new DVD of a show from last year. The music is really good, but alas Astbury - apart from coming across as being a complete tosser with what he says - seems fit to shout the words rather than actually sing. He spoils it. When he does try to actually sing it's ok, but too much shouting and trying to be hard. Billy "used to be in a band with Johnny Marr" Duffys still-Manc accent is quite funny.

    The start of rainy season

    Did it rain down there during rainy season. Seems very dry. With that and relative lack of snow in winter it's no wonder there looks like there will be an increasing shortage of water.
  6. Wow a lot of talk in that other thread since I posted here. Thanks for the info folks. Still not decided on which one to get though yet.
  7. I really like these new forums there are tons of new things to play with. Took a while to get used to but I think I'm getting there. Anyway testing the new poll functionality. So, vote!
  8. I still have an old Pentax SLR and can't get rid of it... too many good photos it has taken. The throwaway ease of digicams has really taken hold though. I'm thinking of getting a decent digital SLR before summer as well. The Nikons do seem popular - anyone with any other makes, Sony? Canon?
  9. Yes it was a good escape and quite impressive too.
  10. In a different building I presume
  11. OBLONG

    Las Vegas

    Love that place - though it has always been fairly short blasts. Amazing place it is though as SirJib says constantly changing and lots of weird stuff. As for where is hot? I'm sure it changes almosy by the day! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  12. Used to love (both listening and dancing to) this song, sounds good even now - Shannon
  13. Got one of them and so far really like it. Good sound.
  14. I must have missed something there.... actually I might have missed about 6 months!! haha
  15. On winter sports I spend 0 yen as I have been out of Japan for a while. I am looking forward to next season though.
  16. Pink Floyd - High Hopes. Can't beat a bit of Pink. Nine Inch Nails - Still
  17. Hi. I'm a beginner rider, and I have been looking around and hearing all about "powder". So, what's it like then? What have I got to look forward to? And when the weather gods don't cooperate and there's no powder, what do you enjoy?
  18. I'm a beginner skier and snowboarder. Enjoying just having some fun.
  19. OBLONG

    In Japan?

    I'm in Kanagawa. Hi!
  20. OBLONG

    Kero Heaters

    I always seem to have problems with the ridiculous things. Error messages E4 or E0 or whatever. My main one, bought last year, doesn't seem to want to stay on for more than 10 minutes. It keeps on turning off, telling me E4 in the process.


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