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  1. I guess he meant why the suddenly increased fuss of late.....

    Beer 2012

    I'm intrigued, going to get some today. Will report.



    London Olympics 2012

    Austin Powers Must re-watch those. Isn't a new one being planned?
  5. Curry looks good. Could do with one of them now.
  6. Late January / early February - Nozawa Onsen for 5 days. Other than that, all up in the air.
  7. Sorry for delay. Coming up very soon.

    London Olympics 2012

    Austin Powers is better and more shagtastic.
  9. I'll get a new one going later on this afternoon.
  10. Is that....that Sumikawa Zao place in Miyagi, round the back of the "main" Zao resort?
  11. OBLONG


    Do you "get paid" for your holidays, or do you simply just get 12 identical salarys spread evenly over each month of the year?
  12. Correct. Too easy. Your turn JapaneseSnowBunny.
  13. Not many is it! An avid reader though.
  14. I almost wish it would heat up more, so my appetite lessens!
  15. Can't post until tomorrow, but will do!
  16. Same. Might seem cheaper but the service is crap. Why have a cool iPhone and nt be able to properly use the thing?
  17. Sometimes, I'm amazed at how easily some Japanese people seem to be amazed! Congrats, Mr & Mrs Tubby.
  18. OBLONG

    Cho-yummy things

    Bet it doesn't beat original!
  19. Ah is that photo from a previous season not this year?


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