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  1. This is waiting http://www.thisiswaiting.com/ Some people are so creative. Sonys strategy, if they have one, is incredible. I bet it will still sell zillions though.
  2. I am probably one of the 50 people in Japan who have a 360. I got it as a surprise birthday present last night, so no complaining there. About to set it up now.
  3. Oh for the days of the "extended remix". Some were naff, but others were brilliant. There's a series of 80's 12inch compilations out now actually I wouldn't mind revisiting some of them.
  4. Some great games on it though. Wipeout Pure is just excellent. Good puzzle kinda game called Mercury as well which is very addictive.
  5. http://tactiva.com/demo.html Interesting one this.
  6. Speak just like Darth Vader! http://www.hasbro.com/pl/page.viewproduct/product_id.15397/dn/starwars/default.cfm
  7. hes on tv at the mo folks if youre bored
  8. Some places are open until early May so while you might not have amazing conditons there are places.
  9. Do you order on the phone? If so, there must be a pricelist somewhere....
  10. For sentimental value maybe. It's ok, I think the ending is a bit abrupt and rubbish.
  11. Video game where you control a monkey that is in a globe (like a zorb thing) around puzzle courses.
  12. Rather you than me, that would be very annoying.
  13. Did they find him (before some hungry gaijin got their paws son him?)
  14. Excellent, Asteroids!! http://www.fetchfido.co.uk/games/asteroids/asteroids.htm
  15. Just on the tv now about Masako-sama and family going skiing. Where do they go then? They have a special place or do they line up with the rest of us?
  16. I used to be like that, surviving at the end of each payday. No longer I can save now. Frightening how many Japanese people are living like that though. Many of my friends are.
  17. I agree with Indosnm, disgusting stuff. But they sure seem to like it.
  18. Seems pretty fair list to me. The problem with the N64 was that the first party stuff was killer, 3rd party generally crap. Sad. I wonder who is to blame for that.
  19. Oh goody Spidey 2. Looks like it's outselling the DS here now the last few weeks though.
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