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  1. Accrington Stanley

    What items do miss from home?

    Pies & pastry. Obviously everyone likes pies.
  2. Accrington Stanley

    The FOOTBALL Thread (2007-2008)

    Got a feeling AS will "swoop in" and get Tevez before United.....
  3. Accrington Stanley

    Morning Greetings!

    Last summer I was staying with my parents for a week or so and I got woken up one morning at 4am by my dad doing some wallpapering. He said he couldn't sleep so he might as well. It seemed a little bizarre at the time.
  4. Accrington Stanley

    Tony stands down

    He will be walking out of Number 10 within the hour. That will be that.
  5. Accrington Stanley

    Wine recommendations

    Wine for me doesn't go beyond a bottle of Asti. Nice stuff that. Other than that, I'm a beer man, me.
  6. Accrington Stanley

    The FOOTBALL Thread (2007-2008)

    If only they covered some non-Premiership leagues too
  7. Accrington Stanley

    The FOOTBALL Thread (2007-2008)

    You must surely know where we are BagOfCrisps. I'll leave it up to you and a search engine
  8. Accrington Stanley

    F1 07

    I would just so hate to be famous. (Wouldn't mind some of the cash, but...)
  9. Accrington Stanley

    The FOOTBALL Thread (2007-2008)

    We didn't make it into the Premiership for next season I see.
  10. Accrington Stanley

    He addressed me and said,

    Slow - you're being a bit, er, slow following up on all this arent you. Anyway, off to watch some footie now. See ya!
  11. Accrington Stanley

    "Get 2 Pants"

    I havent seen that! But it sounds brilliant.
  12. Accrington Stanley

    Hours of sleep

    Usually 7. Maybe only 3 tonight. Some footie game to watch.
  13. Accrington Stanley

    Dope ok to prevent ooooligans?

    What do you reckon? Fighting if we win - coz we won? or Fighting if we lose - coz we lose? I wonder which it shall be.
  14. Accrington Stanley

    Singing national anthem

    You wouldnt get me singing about some Queen either. Well not unless it was Queeny (Blackadder), I'd sing for her!
  15. Accrington Stanley

    Mork and Mindy

    Annoying person in the extreme. Us Brits in particular dont like him maybe?
  16. Accrington Stanley

    Euro 04

    Glad they booked Totti. His whole team should be banned for being Italian. Only joshing of course. FKN COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!
  17. Accrington Stanley


    Has anyone ever seen a flick at an IMAX cinama at all? Any good? It seems more and more movies are getting released/premiered at these places, well overseas.
  18. Accrington Stanley

    Using internet at work

    I don't have access to the internet at work
  19. Accrington Stanley


    At college I had a veggie phase, it had more to do with funds than anything else. But I just love a good steak.
  20. Accrington Stanley

    All time classic songs (anthems)

    Try some Half Man Half Biscuit "anthems", you won't regret it.
  21. Accrington Stanley

    Footie things

    Glad to see a scouse with a sense of humour about being scouse Looking forward to the game tonight - hope all goes well without incident.
  22. Accrington Stanley

    How many days holiday over new year period

    From today until the 5th. Happy holidays people!
  23. Accrington Stanley

    Footie fun


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