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  1. Got a feeling AS will "swoop in" and get Tevez before United.....
  2. Last summer I was staying with my parents for a week or so and I got woken up one morning at 4am by my dad doing some wallpapering. He said he couldn't sleep so he might as well. It seemed a little bizarre at the time.
  3. He will be walking out of Number 10 within the hour. That will be that.
  4. Wine for me doesn't go beyond a bottle of Asti. Nice stuff that. Other than that, I'm a beer man, me.
  5. You must surely know where we are BagOfCrisps. I'll leave it up to you and a search engine
  6. I would just so hate to be famous. (Wouldn't mind some of the cash, but...)
  7. We didn't make it into the Premiership for next season I see.
  8. Slow - you're being a bit, er, slow following up on all this arent you. Anyway, off to watch some footie now. See ya!
  9. I havent seen that! But it sounds brilliant.
  10. Usually 7. Maybe only 3 tonight. Some footie game to watch.
  11. What do you reckon? Fighting if we win - coz we won? or Fighting if we lose - coz we lose? I wonder which it shall be.
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