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  1. Are you spending any time in Tokyo or even Sapporo first. Because if you are then you've got lots of choice for inexpensive clothing.
  2. moonboots, wellies, runners....matters very little when you're slip sliding everywhere. Especially after a sake or two. Most important thing in Niseko and the like is traction on your soles. The local hypermart in Kutchan sells those wellies with cleats. Cheap and sensible.
  3. I'm going to both. Never been to Furano so am keen to check it out. I have a feeling that this may be the last year Furano remains relatively "Aussie free". It's had a lot of marketing in the Australian ski print media this year. I want to see it in it's relatively undiscovered form. Also, I'm planning on doing day trips out of Furano so I get to experience some other mountains. Can't wait.
  4. I'm too lazy to read the whole thread so apologies if said earlier, but........ . . . . . . . . . . .. this thread is useless without pictures
  5. Fattwins, your "nipple deep" reference was met with some enthusiasm in that other forum
  6. Will be there in 10 days . I have never been to Niseko before. I don't think my own skis are appropriate for Niseko's famed deep powder. Can anyone suggest good quality high end ski hire in Niseko. I don't care about cheap, I care about good skis that are suitable for the local conditions.
  7. Quote: Originally posted by snurfer: Hi T, A mate of mine hired some gear from 323 (??). They were pretty good in there and allowed him to change over and use different ski on different days. Thanks for the reply! "323" refers to the shop name or something else??
  8. I've heard varying reports about the difficulty to hire performance skis in Niseko. In particular powder skis to suit an adult westerner's typical boot size. Can anyone shed some light on this?? Will I have problems hiring skis (between 170 to 176 cm long) to suit a boot shell of 325 mm?
  9. Will be arriving on January 21st! Haven't had a ski for nearly 4 months. I'm getting serious withdrawal symptoms " title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" />
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