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  1. In Yamagata there's a tiny little place called Taranokidai near my house...it's small but open every night...not crowded, fun jumps and bumps. Of course, it can get icy at night...but if you want to go after work or something it's great! Wear padding!
  2. There's a few Telemarkers here, none that I know race though...not much help really.
  3. Can cook but rarely have motivation to do it anymore. I like to cook for other's, just not myself. But yeah, it's good to know how to do it I think, just another skill that I think is pretty damn useful.
  4. Ok, I'm planning a trip to Iriomote, can you give me any more beta? Prices, etc? I've read as much as I can but would like to know more by someone who's been there! I think you may have stayed on Ishikawa-shima and day tripped from there? ANy more info would be great thanks!
  5. SG, I love Pali but most likely I was trying to follow my buddy's coming down Pali, not as easy as the blues that's for damn sure but great fun when there's new snow, not so fun on hard pack and ya gotta watch out for the rocks. I really miss that area...Did you ever ski the "Professor" across the road from A-Basin? Had to hike to it from the top of Loveland Pass then down through the trees by the first upper parking lot. Great fun!
  6. I would never go back to Hakkoda, crap weather, snow, food, crap everything, never again. Tourists everwhere, one lift, slow as hell and the pass system sucks! Save your money and stay away.
  7. Oh also , the best thing about Colorado is the season pass wars! A few years back they started and allow one person to buy a season pass at A-Basin, Keystone and Breckenridge for $250 unlimited no blackouts or for just $50 more you get 10 days at either Beaver Creek or Vail! That cannot be beat for a season pass deal. And A-Basin's season pass I think was up to $200 this year? Still, it's what I paid for my little bump of a hill here, not quite the same feeling.
  8. Snowglider where you from? A-Basin was my home for years!!!! I love that place! Then right over the pass (or on it for that matter) is Loveland which is also really nice. The chutes on the east wall are a blast when there's enough snow to cover the boulders. Used to be the highest lift served in the US but I think it's lost that by a few feet to someone else now...near there also... Question....sorry, ski many of Colorado's 14ers for fun. Most of them are skiable.
  9. Good review of the Avalung II, never known anyone to wear one though, prevention is better in my opinion as well http://www.wildsnow.com/articles/avalung/avalung_review.html
  10. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world as well don't forget...
  11. My little inaka plays Home on the Range every night at 9 and some other western themed music at 7 am and something else at 5, not bad really once you get used to it, I like getting up early though.. But those damn politicians just kill me! I'd much rather here the imo guy and his sad death march of a song than any politician anyday....and no wash pole guys here...we cut our own.
  12. I'll definitely let you know when I"m on my way...a few minutes before at least....
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