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  1. We're going to be hauling ourselves over from the UK to ride down that hill. Do we need roller blades or don't they allow them. Is winter cancelled??
  2. 3rd and 4th game is always a complete anti-climax for everyone. Must be hard to really motivate yourself for it.
  3. Pet Shop Boys, PopArt. Sister got it yesterday. Surprisingly I like it.
  4. Hmm. Is this one of those very useful phrases that you can just throw around when speaking Japanese?
  5. Weetabix soaked in beer. A good hangover breakfast from college days. (No sugar.)
  6. What the devil is "shochu"? A kind of beer? (And do they sell it in pints?)
  7. Good or evil? I think they're stupid but I have to wear them for work and I'm quite proud of my most excellent collection.
  8. Decent uniform at our school, fairly agreeable. The rebellious ones tied their tie on back-to-front. Well ard.
  9. Cool. I like a good pint of beer. But is it common? I heard something about small glasses that need topping up every 2 mouthfuls?
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