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  1. Thanks - that was quick!! I see. Can I ask another thing? Quote: they did not even spend a minute reading any other threads on the forums You know these things??
  2. What does "1 logged in users" mean in the recent visitors?
  3. I recommend a healthy diet with a large amount of fruit and vegetables. (Especially plums).
  4. The Plum family like Nozawa the best of the lot. Really nice place, friendly people (well the ones we met).
  5. I had a wonderful early lunch today at a restaurant, was taken there by my boss. I think the bill was about 2500-3000 yen each, but I wasn't paying. Very good it was. Near Harajuku.
  6. What happened to my fruit thread!? Go away a bit and see what happens Can I bring it back onto the subject of Plums. Plums are fantastic.
  7. I love fruit. Especially plums. Fruit is really good for you and really yummy. I'd like to know about people's fruit likes and habits.
  8. I am reading The Plot Against America: A Novel by Philip Roth and very interesting it is too.
  9. We had a bit of an accident this winter in Matsumoto on the way home once. Entirely the other persons fault (honest). It had only been snowing a short while but conditions were getting pretty bad - probably worse than some people thought. I was stopped at the lights and this guy behind obviously didn't slow down enough and bumped into me. There was a fair bit of damage but happily the insurance covered it. Mrs Plum was a bit shocked.
  10. Well we (The Plum family) probably had about 12 days out on the snow in total.
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