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  1. Those "hours" aren't quite as freedom as at first perhaps thought: TOKYO, JAPAN, September 14, 2011 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. today announced it will introduce two prepaid billing plans, "Prepaid Data Plan 20h" and "Prepaid Data Plan 100h," for 3G data communication in Japan this coming December. The plans will first be implemented for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s next generation portable entertainment system, "PlayStation®Vita (3G/Wi-Fi model)," which will be launched in Japan, on December 17. Prepaid Data Plan 20h will cost 980 yen (incl. tax) for 20 hours of access to the DOCOMO
  2. SnowJapan folk - how did you find the process getting yours done?
  3. There's good things about the control of "Apps" and bad. Android is much more open in that basically there's no review process. But it also means there's more crap out there. Which is best? A touch of both would be good.
  4. If you like point and click type adventures/puzzles, try Machinarium. I enjoyed that.
  5. Sorry to hear about that Rob, that sucks. Is the new model quieter than the original?
  6. "I use it just for videogames" "TV programs are crap"
  7. Bud is awful. How did that get to be so, er, 'popular'?
  8. On Wii, House of the Dead: Overkill is a lot of mindless fun.
  9. Very likely a blip, but... Sony's PlayStation 3 has outsold Nintendo's Wii console in Japan for the first time in 16 months. Last month, Sony shifted 146,948 units of the PS3 compared to 99,335 Wiis, reported publishing firm Enterbrain. While some suggest it could signal the end of Nintendo's dominance, others think it is unlikely that the PS3 will threaten the Wii's popularity globally. Meanwhile, Nintendo's revamped DSi console sold 92,000 units in the UK during its first weekend of sales. It makes it the fourth biggest ever console launch. Experts see the
  10. Nintendo games themselves often don't have multi-language - it's a space (and probably region thing). So while all games will play on all DSs from anywhere in the world, the language might be a problem. Solution is to buy the games from places you know will be English. Not sure about whether the OS can be swapped to English. This is Nintendo, so probably not!
  11. "Lou & Andy (In the Wheelchair), that is Gold comedy" What is funny about that? And the fact that every week it is almost EXACTLY THE SAME!!!
  12. Thats the one really good game that. I much prefer it to the over-serious GT series and the like. They are way too 'cold'.
  13. Some of those are good - especially on the 360. Not the retro untouched ones but the ones that have been given a polish of hi-def. Jet Pac, a few shooters etc. PSN hasn't really gotten off the ground yet.
  14. Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge. Good observations on humanity and it's love affair with technology.
  15. I have been checking out some old Led Zeppelin. As an almost first time listener, not all that impressed.
  16. Poseidon (the one from last year). Just boring and predictable. Why bother?
  17. Quote: Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman and Paolo Nutini will also perform. Bill Wyman! Ace, a must see then!
  18. I think I pay just over 5000 a month for mine. I don't watch it that much but glad it's there when I do want some eigo tv
  19. You are right. For PS3 and X360 get imports from somewhere like playasia (they have on each one whether they are locked or not)
  20. And for 2nd hand at around 4-5000 sometimes less. Not that there's much worth having yet. YET!
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