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  1. I was up at Shiga Kogen last week, we werent there just for the skiing. Pretty crappy snow, good weather, not many people. Top part open.
  2. I've got some old LPs out at the moment. Among them. Zepplin, UFO (!), Rush, Status Quo (early stuff) I was rockin' back then
  3. I seem to be in a minority, but I prefer Hotmail over Yahoo. I've never really had any problems with it.
  4. Me too - make the most of it if I'm paying over the odds just to use the damn thing. What exactly is the standard limit, 110?
  5. I've been not well for nearly a week now. Pretty bad. Got lots of sleep though
  6. A German cannibal who confessed to killing, dismembering and eating another man has been cleared of murder. A Kassel court found Armin Meiwes had no "base motives" and sentenced him to eight and a half years prison on the lesser charge of manslaughter. Meiwes had admitted killing and eating engineer Bend-Juergen Brandes, but said his victim had consented to his own gruesome death. But prosecutors have called Meiwes a "human butcher" who acted simply to "satisfy a sexual impulse". They say he should have been found guilty of murder and are considering an appeal. The
  7. OK we all know there are tons of drink vending machines all over the place here. Sometimes 10 in a row, all selling (almost) the same. But does anyone know just WHY there are so many of the things? It just seems so illogical.
  8. If thats what you get with a helmet, just think of without one in the first place. I think I must buy a helmet this year.
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