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  1. I'm with you on that, I love saunas. Unfortunately where I live the nearest sauna is probably a 2 hour drive away
  2. I'm almost always early. Probably obsessively so, just can't help it. I hate the feeling of being rushed. can't stand that.
  3. Well, what to do? I love Cadburys too - the best of the lot.
  4. Always sad to hear something like that. I wonder how many fatalities there were this season, or any season for that matter. Knowing all the causes would be interesting too.
  5. you paid whether you went to the party or not? Whats that all about then?
  6. We have a (fairly) new house so the kitchen is ok.
  7. We've got to pay that every 2 years - it sucks but its part of the deal we have. Luckily we have a good rate on the monthly rent and love where we live........
  8. A bit nervewracking for me, but things went well. They're really cool.
  9. Something happening to family is always in the back of my mind.
  10. I only managed 5 times this last season. Hoping for at least 400% that from next November.
  11. If that Arai place are putting their prices up, they must be raving mad.
  12. Average, but I didn't have much time. Next year will be the best, I'm determined.
  13. My fave is that brand of PC called "Woody". And don't lots of cars here in Japan have silly brand names. I'm sure I saw one called "Elsie" the other day.
  14. Tagawa. Anyone care to guess where that it then?
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