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  1. Whats the most spectacular view you've had from a snow resort?
  2. Funny how "normal gays" (!) are underground, but the few celebrities/talent etc who are are completely overground - and completely accepted.
  3. I hate it when I have to go to the parties with the way-out traditional food on offer. I can eat like 2% of it (the rice) and spend the rest of the time hearing comments about my incompatability with Japanese food
  4. I don't really give a shit about a band/movie star/celebrity political stance. It don't make no difference to me. Have you heard about the Fox channels campaign against Tim Robbins, etc?
  5. Still paying off the student loans
  6. I've just tried the planting bit. Interesting (for a short while!)
  7. Although on looking at Kamoshikas post, I can safely say that I have got the ostrich move going on well. Many times in a day in fact.
  8. Getting up early in a morning to get to the mountains. About as impressive as I get
  9. I've done a bit of snowboarding, I'm planning on doing a whole lot more next year.
  10. What do you like best? There's so many obvious ones, but things like finding small old little back roads with tiny 'shops' and little temples etc is something I really enjoy.
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