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  1. Nice read there, badmigraine. The TV in Japan is just so loud, gotta be turned off.
  2. Just a couple of hours a day, but that's long enuf if you ask me.
  3. Yep, got a backlight- it makes SUCH a difference. I have about 50 games in total probably over the consoles I have.
  4. Do many Japanese have tattoos?
  5. gamerTM is new, only on its 3rd issue I think. Similar to, but better than, the other good gaming mag in the UK, EDGE.
  6. Good list there, but does need a bit of an update Best gaming mag is by far a new one from the UK gamesTM - excellent read, great retro section.
  7. Amazing, I can't quite understand why someone wants to get that big...unless for competition or something, and I'm not sure I get that either.
  8. New album is boss. If you like dark, mid tempo, moody electronica, that is.
  9. amandanism - you might regain interest if you tried some of the newer consoles and games.
  10. My take on all this. I have all 3 consoles (ps2, cube, box) and like them all. Ps2 makes up for its dated-ness in the fact that programmers are now pushing the machine to its limits and so there are great games out there - just don't by the duff. Cube has exclusives, but lots of kiddies games. Box is my favorite - the best technology and the games will only get better.
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