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  1. oh suxs....u mean its diff 2 find english speaking staff as well? how abt if i try it w/o any guides. jus rent the usual stuff & go ahead. wld it prove 2 be a disaster.
  2. yeh fr singapore. most of the resort sites are in japanese which i dont understand. if i require lessons fr the resort, do i need to book in advance? or can i jus do a walk-in...
  3. well.... any suggestions to hostel accomodation around ski resorts?
  4. hi everyone, i thought of trying out either snow boarding/skiing during my short visit to Japan in March. Plan to travel fr tokyo-fukuoka. im a total alien to this sport. Just thought of giving it a try since i wont be able to do it bk at hm. have only tried wakeboarding once at hm. Is there any recommended regions/resort for 1st timer? & is it necessary to go for boarding school if im doing it solo? any replys/comments r welcome
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