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  1. Quote: Originally posted by Plucky: Thanks xxx, I do what I can. You would get a little pissed off too if one your friends who had died came up in such a sarcastic way. klingon talks about heroes, but who is there to do it? Him? You? I might have to go. Basically, all you chard noppers who never have to sacrifice a thing in your life ( you ****ing pussies) join this and let's go! Basically, **** you, eat shit, and screw the **** off. i feel ya bro, i am enlisted and have friends out there too
  2. I have a few friends that wont drink anything but asahi, but i still think nothing beats a guinness
  3. belong to us, yes yes now you're getting it, did you click the link? am i the only one with this kind of humor that isolates me from others
  4. war on hypothermia http://www.threebrain.com/songs/hypo.html
  5. I always think im cool carrying my board up to the lifts, then i see all these people that can board waaaay better than me, then i end up with a low self esteem for the rest of the day
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