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  1. Funny how a thread develops isn't it? I was jeans and tshirting it at Okutadami last May - what a day. It was almost hot.
  2. I think the main thing is lowering prices and changing the image that the sports are ladened with in the most part.
  3. Quote: I believe in another thread someone claims there is no excuse for violence (that couldn't have been the 'Barok resists removal from a private resort, comes back and cops a few blows upon a second removal attempt could it?') You can't have it both ways, violence is either an acceptable way to solve moral disputes or it aint. Sounds like the above dispute was already solved legally (divorce) anyway. Personally, I find violence or aggressive behaviour especially offensive in Japan, as generally there are no means to deal with it, and a few cowardly gaijin take advantage. Well said,
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