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  1. Japan has a governing body for aerial lift and tramways that stipulates a fairly low maximum height for the towers and ropeway. I think it is just a part of the Japanese lift code that no recreation shall occur under the line, as I've never seen it allowed. Other countries such as Candada and the States have different code so riding underneath is ok if you don't mind the audience and that's why you don't look down when you're on the Granite chair at Red Mtn. B.C.
  2. If Barok was unable to produce any form of lift ticket/pass then wouldn't it appear that he was not a "Guest" and was trespassing? I don't know Japanese property law and it is true that many ski areas in Japan are on public land but I can see why the representatives of the resort would want to remove a trespasser from their facility. I know that if you trespass in the States, you can expect to receive a lot worse than a roughing up. If you break a rule in a night-club, say pick a fight or throw a bottle, you will get physically removed and not too gracefully. The ski patrollers clearly o
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