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  1. I see it is a small place in Ishikawa. Not the one in the photo, though looks similar.
  2. I want some clarification.... is it climate change or a World War that will wipe us out?
  3. Why? I caught up with Moonraker the other night. Silly Bond.
  4. Yesterday was hot hot hot in the daytime. And it looks like today will be too.
  5. Saw that too. Great stuff. The third one was rubbish though.
  6. Shops round here saying it'll be October before new gear turns up.
  7. So are you implying now that you are... empty?
  8. Big decision to go back to charging for kids. So you'd think they'd thought it through. 1000 yen is hardly breaking the bank is it.
  9. Why anyone would want to be part of that, is totally beyond me.
  10. Kagura: 35 (-) Maiko Snow Resort: 14 Muikamachi Hakkaisan: 9 (+) Naeba: 10
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