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  1. Why do we not like beer when we are younger but we like beer when we are older. And same with sprouts.
  2. Today I have been given a box of 24 large cans of Sapporo Classic 'Only Hokkaido'. Is this the famous great one people have spoken about on here before?
  3. Home made lasagne. Extra garlic. Extra sauce. Extra cheese. Extra everything actually.
  4. Living Daylights was on the other night. I enjoyed it.
  5. Sod all to do with skiing but seeing as this one pops up everywhere - as well as Kummon souvenirs in the 7-11s of Niigata-ken (??)...
  6. This may be a dumb question but.. how were they able to buy the skijo? Surely the town who owns the land would have some sort of say in it's sale?
  7. Mt Granview goes without saying, of course. I suppose that means I didn't need to mention it!
  8. Raining here now, on the way down there I think muika.
  9. I can't get any sound on that. Perhaps just as well!
  10. Didn't realise they were that cheap - with Office software on there as well? I remember when that on it's own was a good chunk of 30000 yen. Perhaps even more.
  11. Fairly common. I find it quite amusing actually. No point in getting worked up over it anyway.
  12. I thought they had moved on. Or is this a different offender? It was really hot out there today.
  13. And they send on about 4 more before giving up. Wonder how much they waste on that nonsense?
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