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  1. who is working? I am still on holiday...relaxing ahead of a 3 day weekend in Hakuba.
  2. real tooth removed, hole drilled, titanium screws implanted and then left for a month or so to set and allow the bone to grow around it, then fake teeth are attached to the screw. They are extremely strong, if the fake tooth breaks you just get a new one and screw it on the implant. He has had some patients who had all their teeth - the whole shebang done.
  3. Originally Posted By: kawanokanako I have an appointment next week for a root canal but I've been hearing that it's smarter to just get it removed because it will end up being infected anyway.. I don't know which to believe my friend is a dental surgeon specializing in titanium inserts, he would recommend extraction followed by inserts if you talked to him. Titanium is the way forward, pricey but permanent.
  4. 4 shochus, 2 tequila shots, a Jager shot, a half dozen tequila sunrises and screwdrivers (nomihodai)...and no headache! mostly clear alcohols in that, gotta avoid dark alcohols to avoid hangovers. Beer is the worst drink to go hard on, makes you feel like crap the next day and gives the worst hangovers. Beer is best enjoyed in limited quantities and of a high quality brew. Of spirits - whisky will screw you up too (dark alcohol) The nomihodai "beer" where I was was hopposhu! nasty chemically hangover material if ever there was.
  5. Has the recession hit the ski resorts? to those who have been out on the slopes, how are the numbers to compared to years of past? just looking at the happo web-cam: they look like they have a decentt enough crowd there today
  6. Originally Posted By: Go Native Probably so damned fat that she didn't notice... not all that slim, no. But only 31? she looks at least 40! and then some. Talk about letting yourself go.
  7. Recently watched "Bottom" - all 3 seasons, Harry Enfield and Friends. Harry Enfield and Chums, Ruddy Hell its Harry and Paul, Harry and Paul and the Fast show. (Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse are comic geniuses) - all watched on the train on the PSP while commuting. Originally Posted By: snowhunter Vicar of Dilby Keeping Up Apperances Always great for a laugh I think you have just outed yourself as a woman!
  8. 10000 yen? I hate they way the do things sometimes here.
  9. Originally Posted By: uiski Is Christmas a normal working day in Japan usually? non Christian country, so its a regular usual workday, kind of like Valentines Day though in that some people celebrate it.
  10. I have been half finished for over a week and just finished completely tonight for *pretty much 3 weeks *got a half day on Friday the 9th, but hey you can't win them all huh?
  11. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver yeah....I hate sprouts!! Christmas dinner and my mum will make loads, actually was just re watching the TV show "Bottom" - timeless brilliance that show, but in the Xmas episode Richie cooked heaps of sprouts on Xmas day - is it a British tradition?
  12. A travel agent, yes they are more likely to be in the position to give advice and recommendations for places to stay but trolley dollies? how often are they in reality going to be in a position to recommend your establishment to passengers?. No more than a taxi driver, bus driver, waiter, convenience store clerk et al. Mina2, I think they perhaps have an overinflated sense of their importance or influence. The are just milking a cow they know often has milk in it for them. [scene not likely to seen on a plane]....."would you like tea or coffee sir?" ..."actually I would like some
  13. Originally Posted By: Go Native Never have and never will. Safer? Sure but I just don't care... I remember you from the smoking thread...."I just dont care"...where do you stand on condoms? seat belts?
  14. 67kph on a small wheeled folding bike?!?! dude, if that that case then you should have been at the Olympics on the track or road time trial because that is insanely fast. A top team pursuiter on the track can hold a speed of 60 kph for a few minutes, Chris Hoy of Scotland the worlds best track sprint cyclist can grind out 70kph for a few seconds. These are insanely light bikes ridden on super smooth flat surfaces. Fabian Cancellara the worlds best time triallist can hit nearly 80kph on his road time trial bike with a 55 tooth gear on flat roads. If you hit a genuine 67 on a flat r
  15. Royce - Royce chocolate is bloody good, I always put in an order when someone goes to Hokkaido. (nudge nudge CB) You gotta get the Chocolate Fudge squares - similar to European chocolate truffles, but creamier, very easy to polish of the lot in one go if you not careful. I have seen Royce Chocolate mousse/pudding in cups at some convenience stores in Kansai, that is very good too, very rich and creamy
  16. if its so popular why not make them pay to see it? have guides there to make them behave and not molest the fish or smoke or blab to each other in foghorn voices. Making people pay will get rid of the riffraff and leave only the dedicated visitors who genuinely want to see the market anyway.
  17. Those A-holes are called "Mr Wheelers" - the above clip is a legendary 1950 Disney critique on drivers featuring a mild mannered 'Mr Walker' who when behind the wheel becomes 'Mr Wheeler'. Amazingly still so very true nearly 60 years since its release. We all know these Wheeler types, they infest society.
  18. Hersheys is cocoa flavoured sugar, its pretty weak imitation for chocolate, shame is that Costco stocks pretty much only it.
  19. I got me a `short boxed` at the moment, last year tried the `anchor`, but it didnt suit. In Uni had an Egyptian Phaoraoh - not on that list I see. Not sure if I agree with some of the names on that list, must be written in American or something.
  20. Originally Posted By: Go Native JA you should stay away from Japan then as it's not considered inconsiderate to light up after a meal here. eh? like hell it isn't, it's just that Japanese won't get in your face as easily as people of other nationalities. Non smoking Japanese get just as pissed at smokers as anyone else. The concept of 'wa' and avoiding confrontation still hold true for the most part, so smokers and their filthy little addiction are tolerated, like old men urinating where they please in public. Quote: 14-17 in 100,000. Then I found that smoking supposedly increases
  21. make it 1000 yen or more pack, at the very least.
  22. well going by the concern for booking in Niseko this winter due to the crumbling Aus dollar to yen situation (as reported by NHK TV -not my imagination) - there seems to be a few places with cancelled bookings and empty rooms, you might be able to negtioate a deal with them, you never know.
  23. I am learning the art of lucid dreaming...once I master it I will be able to ride deep pow every night in my dreams....
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