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  1. the slobs! awesome skit that one... she does look quite like Waynetta....speaking of "Harry and chums" I wonder what abuse the "Gits" would hurl at her....or Frank and George: the self righteous brothers..."Oi Salt no! you will not stuff your fat ugly face and the three faces of your kiddies..." * I just recently rewatched all the Harry Enfield/ Paul Whitehouse stuff of the 1990's - timeless and still extremely funny.
  2. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy I looked at that one SG, looks good, but seems thick, like it would suck wearing it with a dress shirt. since all shirts in Japan barely reach my wrist, it wouldn't be a problem, it would always be on the outside on show! Stemik - nice watch, clean yet bold face. CB - that is cheap, would have been nice huh? what is better a trip to Nepal or a watch you can keep forever? Bobby have fun on Friday checking out the watches. Don' blow your budget
  3. Originally Posted By: bobby12 The bottom one is a fair bit pricier than the other two, but it has more 'jewels' (whatever they do), actually going back to your original post about Jewels. Jewels are used at points of friction as they are much harder than metal and they can be made extremely smooth to reduce friction with the the metal part they are in contact with - which is key in complicated designs with many moving parts. They use rubies, sapphires, garnet and diamonds. The more jewels, the more complicated your watch likely is, the less friction it will have and the smoother
  4. I used to teach a guy who owned his own accounting firm - plenty of cash burning a hole in his pocket and had a love of watches. He knew I liked watches and used to wear them all and its the one topic he could actually speak quite well on (his English was pretty weak mostly) He had a omega speedmaster, a patek philippe, a grand seiko, an 18K gold rolex, antother rolex and the watch he used to wear the most: a simple Seiko titanium kinetic. Its like having a garage of supercars and luxury cars yet driving a Toyota everyday. this thread has got me a surfing watch websites there are some b
  5. Jenson is the smoothest driver out there, he puts the car on a rail - unlike his team mate who fights the car around the track. Jenson finally has a great package to drive with and is showing his class. Lewis had a great packages for 2 years and this year he has doesn't have that luxury but he is showing what a tremendously skilled driver he is by milking the current car he has for all its worth and getting it up into the points likewise Alonso he can get the most out of an average car. Massa on the other hand is showing that while he is great with a great car if you give him dog he
  6. that last one is a very nice watch Bobby12, Seiko spring drive is a work of precision art. skip to about 4 mins in that video to see the magnificent intricacy of the spring drive. I concur with CB, Yodobashi does have a huge watch section, BIC camera in Namba has a decent sized one too. I like to drool on the display cases every now and then. If money was no issue I would like to have a Breguet Dress watch. If Breguet was good enough for Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVI, Napoleon Bonaparte, George IV, Tsar Alexander I of Russia, George III, Ferdinand VII of Spain L
  7. "I can tell you that you'll know if you have it. It's complete agony." One Kiwi guy living in Mexico who got it - his account. sounds hardcore, no wonder it's knocking over people. I haven't had the flu since 1994...(touch wood) I have no desire to break the streak with this H1N1 Mexican flu. "It just felt like I was on fire," he said. "It was incredible - I couldn't even see because of the heat. I was in complete agony." "I started to feel a little bit crook - I was just so tired. That was in the afternoon. By nine o'clock I had a temperature of 38 degrees and a te
  8. thursday is right that one you posted CB is the GMT master with the 24 hour hand. I have a cheap imitation one of those that doesnt say Rolex, nor does it have the 24 hour hand but people have commented on it thinking it was the real McCoy! Speaking of Rolex divers watch, the ultimate dive watch that deep sea saturation divers on oil rigs covet is the 'Sea Dweller'. look at the depth rating dial - it a serious piece of equipment! dudes have used this in water deeper than 500m.
  9. I always wanted a rolex submariner....until I tried one on once - its was way too heavy, maybe you get used to it but it seemed annoyingly heavy on your wrist at 140grams. Same with the omega speedmaster moon watch - had my heart set on one ever since I was about 10 years old and realized the Apollo astronauts had them - but also very heavy. Stainless steel watches - with chunky steel bands are very heavy. Thats why I dig titanium! one of my watches is titanium ( no name cheapo brand) with a very lightweight thin steel band and is less than 60grams all up. It was even lighter with the
  10. those masks are most useful for people already sick - to minimise their potential to spread their virus through coughing and sneezing - A courtesy to others if you like. Its spreading, a bunch of NZ school kids who just got back from mexico are ill with suspected swine flu. 25-45 year olds are dying from it - it must be a nasty flu. swine flu? I like the name mexican flu better, after all we have had Hong Kong flu
  11. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver Just watched the Lpool v Arsenal game this morning as it was replayed on J-sports, what? wow you were lucky to see that, lately its been baseball baseball and more bloody baseball - all four jsports channels had baseball on last evening....great if you love yakkyu
  12. Someone give that girl a sandwich. This is more like it though, very healthy
  13. its very much like 1984, whoever wrote it was likely a fan of Orwell.
  14. I cant remember the name or author but I think its British short story set in a dystopian future where knowledge is a crime and at a certain age children are given a truth serum and tested for intelligence - the smart ones are killed so they can never challenge the Govt - keep everyone dumb etc. The story focuses on one family and their young son who is thirsty for knowledge and always ask questions like "why is grass green?" and "how far away is the sun?" his parents always give him ridiculous answers and there are no books in their house. They want to keep him dumb. Does anyone know
  15. Kristy Hammonds, 31, and Michael Setzer, 32 lost their jobs this week is the most ignominious and potentially costly way possible just google the word "Dominos" for more info ;-)
  16. money was in the bank on Friday - 64,000 (20 for the Kds - 12 for the adults) of bribe money from the desperate LDP - gratefully accepted. I have PR and got the money, a mate (on a spouse visa) in a another town in Nara was told he couldn't get it. My city was the first town in Nara to get the cash out ( so they say)
  17. made famous by Despair.com demotivationl posters are ubiquitous on the net these days are often copied and many aren't really demotivational anymore - more ironic, satirical humourous etc, but follow the style of the originals. What are your favourite ones? here are some that make me smile
  18. Dumb people drive Taxis in Tokyo........I mean this cabbie was a complete cabbage...
  19. Why are blondes like KFC???? dont click if you are the easily offended p.c type Click to reveal..
  20. If the DPJ become the Govt - they will drop the tolls completely! highways will become freeways (and they will perpetually jammed.) The ferry operators to Shikoku will go bust if the bridge toll drops. They are fighting it.
  21. Originally Posted By: rach is nausiating. She was basically - it seems - a stupid, nasty trollop. What a strange society we live in. Jeremy Clarkson once said she was a racist, pig-faced waste of blood and organs...thats the only reason I knew her a name to begin with! I guess her battle with cancer and the awareness that she raised for cervical cancer (screenings of young woman has shot through the roof lately), redeemed her at the end. Indeed strange society Rach.
  22. Warning all skype users: Don't download the new version 4.0. I did and regret it!. It's a truly horrible regression from the the 3.** versions. You cant find anything that used to be easily accessible, its very different and very poorly designed. What were they thinking???? If it ain't broke....
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