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  1. Originally Posted By: thursday If you're by the pool, you should be swimming, drinking cocktails and looking at the tail. Touché
  2. I have kindle app on the gTab too GG, works pretty and is the right size for paperbacks. Have to see how it drains the juice though, there in lies why tablets aren't inherently great as e-readers Quote: why would anyone require a seperate reader now that the pad is out there. The Kindle though does have it's place for serious bookworms. The e-ink screen is quite amazing, incredible resolution, very easy on the eyes - just like real paper - not a bright glary LED/LCD screen. You can read in bright sunlight like a real book and the battery does last for weeks, it creates the imag
  3. Lets unbreading - I cut all wheat - bread and pasta (never ate noodles anyway) from my life and dropped 8kgs in two months. Feel better, digestive system settled. best thing I ever did.
  4. exactly mate. Hooked into a wi-fi router fed by hikari fibre. Using the speedtest app I got 12Mbps down and 5 up. Downloaded a couple of HD videos- took seconds it was awesome. I pulled out my old htc android phone and hooked into the same wi-fi (uploaded my cardio trainer workouts, updated some apps)- and could only crack 2.5Mbps. The gTab sure can get the most out of the wi-fi looking on line at cases and saw "Pdair" - their stuff is highly regarded. Free intl shipping too. Pdair case
  5. Yeah, I looked on amazon japan - lots of screen protectors and cases- no cables etc. I want the TV out cables. something like this could be good for the car though. (just googled 2 amp usb car charger an this came up) You will need a the cable though.
  6. GG, samsung have sold 700000 in the month it had been on the market, I guarantee that by the new year the market will be ripe with accessories for the galaxy tab. I am a little bummed as I have multiple chargers and cables for my old phone, it had a the very common mini usb connection, the same as willcom so I got my last car charger at daiso for 300yen. Looks like this time won't be so fortunate, shoganai. Still very pleased with it. Played a 720pHD h264.mkv video file today, 600mb for 20 min worth of video, many full pcs older than 4,5 years struggle to render such content, but the gt
  7. First issue of note has been discovered, the usb cable will only charge from the official outlet plug and not from a pc usb port or a regular outlet usb adapter, or portable lithium charger. Reason it seem s is the galaxy tab while the standard 5 volts , is 2 amps rather than the standard one amp, which all other usb charging devices seem to use. Guess the battery needd more juice than usual, much like the ipad. Apparently plugging in a one volt will hold charge but not recharge.
  8. Will it blend? I am sure it will! Dont think Tom has tried it yet. I want one of the blender, the 20AMP 2000w custom model!
  9. swype is awesome, so easy you just drag your finger over the keyboard and 98% of the time it knows what word your were trying to spell. Standing on the train today I watched a downloaded video file - 1.5 GB HD h.264 file, just dragged and dropped it onto the Galaxy from my PC and it played perfectly, very smooth playback. Sent a few messages using swype - the confined space on the train and train rocking mattered not, just swished the old index finger around and it was spot on. Its a good size to hold one handed. It is definitely more portable and practical on the train than an ipad. Sl
  10. I bought one too. I have had an android phone for a while now so making the change to the Galaxy was quite easy, in fact I'm swyping this now, takes a little while to get used to, but it's actually very intuitive and will be an excellent tool for inputting on the train. Docomo has disabled the feature that turns your device into a portable hotspot, which is a big bummer and skype is not available in the docomo market in japan, but thats not a problem, you can install an skype AKP file manually and its good to go. The calender is awesome, browsing is good enough for me This will be my phone
  11. Far out sounds like that psycho be-atch in Australia a few years ago who kicked a guy hard in the nuts because he pronounced her name wrong (IIRC He said Mee-gan rather than May-gan. There are some seriously disturbed angry people around, the demographic of young girls like that is scary
  12. Docomo announced they will release the Samsung Galaxy S - which is one of the best android phones around......and the Samsung Galaxy Tab too which is by most accounts the leading android based tablet. The Galaxy S phone will run 2.1 OS which is big improvement on the current "docomodroid 1.6" (HT-03, Xperia), but would be better if they had gone all the way to 2.2 OS. Also word is a Android phone with all the stuff J-peeps clamour for - osaifu, one seg etc is due out next year by docomo, by who? not sure, but perhaps Sharp or Toshiba. I see softbank now has a top line HTC handset (the
  13. Megmilk - that is the new name of the once mighty but disgraced "Snow brand" who poisoned lots of people 10 years ago by mixing old milk into vats of new milk and hocking it off to punters who got very sick. Soymilk in Japan generally tastes god awful - thankfully Costco sells Kirkland brand organic soy that tastes pretty decent.
  14. Accident-riddled Mount Hutt skifield has reopened after an avalanche which left some skiers partially buried but uninjured this morning. The avalanche occurred on the south face of the Canterbury skifield this morning, Mount Hutt manager Dave Wilson said. Avalanche closes Mt Hutt skifield The double black South Face used to scare me. if it was icy and you crashed, it was a very long slide coming up at high speed. Lots of fatalities at Hutt over the year have been on the South face.
  15. SDB - I wanted the Dutch to win, but after their performance I feel doubly disappointed: Spain won* and Holland were "goons" *I felt 8 goals in 7 games wasn't really a champion performance, they played tight skilled football but then again so did New Zealand. I thought Germany were on course to be champions, until.... Also Spain rub my the wrong way. Nevermind. Spain won, they were the best on the day, week, month. Gotta give some credit to them! p.s FWIW I may have been critical toward football/soccer in the past but over the past few years I have gotten into it a lot more (s
  16. and who made you god's gift to football? can only "Englishmen" have the knowledge ability and wisdom to comment and anyone else is a troll? If so please stay well away from any thread about snow, because you couldn't possibly know any more than 'sod all' about it and would only be a troll. I have watched the a lot of this WC, and have enjoyed some of the games, many though were painful. Like many I thought overall the tournament was poor and that makes me a troll. Save me.
  17. crap. crap vuvuzelas crap ball crap officiationg crap blatter crap low scoring games crap.
  18. well she was 26 and he was 89 when Anna Nicole Smith married J. Howard Marshall and his billions and boy doesn't he look happy in this picture.
  19. Only woman and gay men like Dirty Dancing or Ghost ;-) Point Break was his best, it was an entertaining movie, who cares about the factuality of the surfing in it?
  20. Silver week is a rare coinciding of two public holidays on Mon and Wed and the Govt being good sports by throwing in a free holiday on Tuesday to cut the people some slack. Silver comes from the fact that Monday is Respect for the age day - and silver - repping for the elderly (silver seats on trains) Also silver is the second such hoilday this year - the first is "Golden" week. Dunno who coined the term, but I like silver week already. Shame we couldn't have "bronze" week in about November. Wed is Autumn equinox day which is the variable holiday as it fluctuates year to year.
  21. Originally Posted By: rach It doesn't seem to be them all but ads appear on the right hand side column, like they do on google itself. Of course, I try to ignore them but it's annoying. I suppose it's the price for being free. the right column is the sponsored links, someone is paying google for those ads to be there ergo there isn't a way of turning them off. Thankfully they are unobtrusive enough: text only and not large flashing gifs or animated flash ads. Opera - block content Firefox - adblock are two great ways to block annyoing gifs and flash ads on other websites
  22. Havent been to a funeral (grand-dad) since 1992 [touch wood]. Have been lucky with no one close dying. My parents are very active members of the local bowling club (lawn) and naturally the average age of those bowling clubs is very high and the turnover is quite something. My parents are often going to funerals, many of the people I have met over the years too.
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