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  1. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: [QB]What else are lifties supposed to do? [QB] try the occasional bit of ramp maintainance so there isnt a rutted ice track for an entrance... or actually "bumping" the chairs, holding it to take the initial "heat" of the chair instead of whacking into you calves if you dont bump it youself, they do it in others countries..... And the number one thing.......GROUPING people!!!!on busy days so the chairs are going up loaded and people get more snow time in.... I was once a liftie at a major resort and god help me if had been caught sitting the shack
  2. well here goes the most controversial item that will be raised here.....and it is the fact that doctors cant tell patients that they have a terminal disease, they have to tell the patients family and its the patients family duty to inform the patient. BUT the family is not obliged to do so and it sometimes occurs that the family refuse to tell the patient and the patient dies without really knowing what the problem was. Recently in Hyogo a 24 yr old died from liver damage associated with Hep C. The kid didnt know he had it the family claimed they were never told by doctors that the boy w
  3. sumo is primo! love watching it every two months, go every year to the tournament when it comes to Osaka. Unique sport and what a sport! Asashoryu is the man...
  4. Quote: Originally posted by woywoy: Kamoshika... what does that mean? Sounds like some sort of super brainy arts graduate's job! What do you actually do? . Super brainy? erh no I wish........Specialist in Humanities/International services = teacher that is what it sayes on the Passport visa status of people working here as teachers. Britgob asked about Kamoshika's so here goes... Kamoshika? well yes strange creatures the Kamoshika. Not a deer but a Serow! what is one of those you say well its a Short-horned dark-coated goat antelope of mountain areas of south and southeast
  5. Quote: Originally posted by viv&kev: It is so. A fun country to be in, indeed. Amen
  6. Anyone know of a cheap shuttle bus from the main airport in Sapporo to Niseko, cheers
  7. damn straight! its great when are trying to hook up with mates on the slopes. If you are riding alone, it could be a potential lifesaver if something goes wrong. I keep it sealed in a plastic bag in my pocket, ziplock bag...sweet as
  8. tough luck dude........cant really do much, be a little more careful/wary of the patrollers, one of them might have seen you drop in. Wear a different jacket next time, they might remember you now
  9. No highbacks....but if you look at the back of the boot it has a strap and ratchet to pull your foot foward, and because the back of the boot has a hard plastic insert, very rigid, you cant bend you foot back at all, infact you could bend a highback on a regular binding more than this because a highback is not held back under tension like this is. when you walk you have to release the ratchet otherwise its as stiff as a skiboot to walk in. And the bonus of no highbacks the board is virtually flat to carry around, easy to store and wedge in gap when catching a ride in someones car The l
  10. Yep I am from NZL, Christchurch of last. I was feeling a little nostelgic and thought I would pull out a local saying or two. Generally most people think I am a nutter when I use such language, but cool bananas, no wuzz mate....I used to say "sweet as" all the time, but now almost never.... as far as my boots go they are a brand called "flexible" model "axel" Had them 5years, really well built (Italian made) comfortable with rigid bases.
  11. according to the visa I am a "specialist in humanities/international services" outstanding.....wish my job was a glamorous as that sounds
  12. oops no offence meant. havent really heard much about the Burtons. I saw them them in the shop and was a little suspicious of the plastic heel cup holding the heel in.....still, have ridden them so for all I know they could be sweet as your Nana. The switch are very strong, yes a little juts out at the side, but its minimal. good luck with your Burtons, let me know how they perform
  13. Quote: Originally posted by neversummer: side-to-side such as burton and switch .ie.toe/heel lift . with the switch bindings I ride I have ZERO heel and toe lift. I mean ZERO, my foot is absolutely and totally locked in there, the bindings are very rigid, (the piece locking you in is 5-6cm long and combined with a rigid sole on the boot, it absolutley cant lift its solid!) I couldnt get the toe or heel to lift if my life depended on it. In fact its as tight as a ski binding. Once you are locked in you aint going anywhere. The downside is the rigid boots are just that, its like walking aro
  14. Interesting thread.....I am hearing you Fattwins. The Japanese are very diligent and proficient at organizing many amenities and services in life, Trains for example are brilliant in Japan. But nobody is perfect. There are things the Japanese are not so good at. Two things come to mind and they are running Gyms and Ski resorts. I am often left shaking my head that how things can be so disparate in this country, how some things are incredibly efficient (eg trains) and others are just simply poorly organised in contrast. I cant quite fathom why this is so, but nevertheless it is so.
  15. Quote: Originally posted by gamera: My head is really big, 63cm around!!!!! Then they all got surprised like " OMG, what a big head you have!".... I had a friend with a big head.....we used to call him "bubble" I know your problem my head is 61cm around and I have recently tried on several helmets at Spotaka. All of them were woefully small, me thinks the majority of Japanese have small melons to match their small feet. I have 29cm feet (10UK, 11US) modest size feet by any stanards back home,but impossible to find shoes in Japan. I can see many western guys nodding in agre
  16. wow put my name down for a spin on that too! the more g's the better! I love Jetcoasters!
  17. sunnies rock. goggles have their good points but when the weather is good.. you cant beat sunnies. Smith sliders too.......they are the way foward. 2 pairs over 5years...sweet as
  18. on a regular day I chill for a while and have a kitkat. but on a primo powder day I dont. I ride with a camelbak (drinks bladder in a backpack with a tube that rests on my shoulder) so I never have to stop for a drink and carry peanuts, calorie mate, snickers and eat them on the lift or in the gondola. The thing with a camelbak is you would surprised how much fluid you actually can drink in a day on the snow. 2litres is nothing to drink when you are slowly slipping all the time. I think its a point many people skip over skiing/riding in the mountains, Dehydration. If you are going har
  19. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: Hey Barok watch out for those Kamushukas in the trees too! kamushukas?? dont you mean Kamoshikas
  20. Quote: Originally posted by wendy-cake: Anyone fill me in with a simple explanation? Cheers hmmmm.......first I will give a simple explanation of the theory of relatively....... .but seriously I studied Avalanches at University and some of the stuff involved is pretty intense, if I had to summarise in one word.....it would be "layers", layers of incompatible snow. As Fattwins advised check it out on the net, I am sure you can find some decent stuff somewhere.
  21. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: Hey and a face shot is a face shot no matter where you are. I got lots today did you? No.....I wish I did, the only face shots I got were coughs in the face and whiffs of bad breath from some students who proudly told me they had gotten fat after eating too much osechi ryori. I sure it was a sweet day in many places today.
  22. wow big avalanche on a highway in Nagano! check it out. hhttp://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20030105p2a00m0dm011003c.html
  23. Quote: Originally posted by Weeel: Going for the first time to H-O. Would some extremely kind person enlighten me on the following: 1. I heard they implemented this snowboard test thing a while ago ... does it still hold true that you have to take a test before you can ride? 2. Will be going with some beginner friends. Do they have a good board school with Eng-speaking instructors? Can anyone recommend an instructor there? 3. I'll be staying quite near Hakuba station (apparently) and it'd be great to know where I might find some off snow entertainment - ie. dinner, drinks, arcade gam
  24. I tried dozens of boots before settling on some midrange Technica boots, they were the only ones the seemed to accommodate my foot as comfortably as possible. But the clincher was the service,(Norway Haus, Breck' Colorado) the guy who fitted them was good he new his stuff and pulled out the insole cut some buffer material, added it the insole, tweaked the arch raise screw. I must have tried the boots on (that were a good fit to start with), a dozen times, on off on off on off. But by the end those boots were as close as possible to perfect. So I have boots which are comfy all day, but I must s
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