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  1. http://www.campchaos.com/cartoons/jackass/index.html check out this spoof of Johnny Knoxville - classic
  2. Quote: Originally posted by s_f_g / sam: i think seeing gender options would say a bit! and if you single or not! hahe really? what do you think? how would each group would likely to answer?
  3. If you can make it to NZ drink "Monteiths", now THAT is the good stuff, they have many ales, try them all
  4. nah you dont want one of those db, you want a DB beer sticker from NZ, beside the initials are better I was in Tonga last year in the Billfish bar having a few quiets of IKALE, the local drop. IKALE is Tongan for one eagle, they have great big black and silver oval sticker one of which resides on the nose of my Atlantis. You cant beat a beer sticker on the board mate, so self righteous Bogan would be without one
  5. wow I just watched some vintage Warren Miller footage on Jsky "freezesports" I believe its called and....Damn. Awesome....awesome footage of glorious snow, one segment was three women heliskiing in some superb area somewhere. Follwed by 10000 of vert' in Russia (Mt Elbrus, 18000ft in the Caucasus Mts) and that was even better. Man what an absolute powdermine that place is (Russia), isolated and fantastic terrain and huge mountains I mean 18000ft mountains! wow we should all be heading there for our ski holidays, shame about volatile natives and politics. But anyway it was fantast
  6. This topic has come up many a time over the years with snowriders I've known. I got into trouble for saying it and other friends got into strife with their missus too. The question is: for you which is better, Riding in soft deep sweet butterluscious powder or doing the wild thing, which would you prefer to do?
  7. no disrepect to the blind...but the ****** annoying ching chong chimes outside of public buildings entrances...arrgh and recently outside my office one of the idiots selling baked pototoes from a small truck, you know the ones with the incredibly infuriating high pitched whistle and megaphone on the roof blaring about his rip off priced potatoes....
  8. I've got my tickets for Pearl Jam in Osaka March 4 I got my tickets over the net from a Japanese booking agency called PIA http://t.pia.co.jp but its obviously Japanese and you need to be ableto read kanji to use it. Also I believe you can get tickets from some convenince stores in the touchscreen ticket ATM looking machines where you get phonecards etc. Maybe its Family Mart but dont quote me on that
  9. Quote: Originally posted by RayInJapan: heh heh - which one? that yamaha waverunner with the pepsi sticker on the front...looks like it has more tow than a roman sandel
  10. Quote: Originally posted by RayInJapan: , but I own 5 jet ski's. wow would you mind sliding one of those my way?
  11. Ohau.....oh how I would like to go there! heard about the place, has that one monstrous long t-bar. looks like a butt and hip killer for the board. Also heard that the place had erratic snow, often there aint enough. You used to live in Twizzle aye Mogski? did you work for ECNZ?
  12. Never dug Gusto, always been a "big Boy" Famiy restaurant man myself, they have the tabehodai Salad bar for 380yen.....unbeatable
  13. here is the reason I chose my name, one chased me once (usually they are shy and reclusive) but this one wasnt he was charging full steam, scared the bejesus outof me. I had never heard of Kamoshika at this stage so had no idea what it was, Its lack of horns, shaggy neck mane and cat like face and that fact its legs were hidden in snow really made me think it was a mountain cat
  14. crikey! looks like Generation X is the preodominant group so far!
  15. Quote: Originally posted by Davo: NZ, Japan and UK. I would like to live on a continent one of these days. what, the Taramakau Valley not continental enough for you Davo??
  16. Quote: Originally posted by amandanism: i represent the under 20 category... really I thought you were old for some reason, the school term time....youre a student? I thought you were a teacher....well there you go
  17. I demand a recount... Hey cheesman how about this for a cheesemobile
  18. How old are we team? who is the baby of the forum and who is the grandad?
  19. Quote: Originally posted by db: I chose db to demonstrate that I am a male as it looks a little like meat and two veg. really I thought you choose db as to pay hommage to DB , New Zealands nationwide draught beer
  20. you should carry you gaijin card at all times anyway especially if your name is SKI and you're a stickler for the rules. otherwise, No you dont need your passport
  21. Quote: [/QB]Have we learned nothing about air security?????[/QB] It appears not, I flew recently and inadvertently took my keychain pocket knife with me, went through the check, no one batted an eyelid. As an aside the stupidest thing about the American overkill on security, ie pulling tweezers and nail clippers, is that they still serve you wine in a glass bottle! hello! glass bottle! smash that badboy and you have a nasty lethal weapon somewhat more so than nail clippers...Havent the airline people seen movies like "once were warriors"? and learned. hell just ask my cousin what a bro
  22. Quote: Originally posted by zwelgen: so if anyone can fill me in on the NZ scoop Id be stoked. Cheers what do you want to know? best terrain? consistent snow? nightlife? I can fill you in on the South Island
  23. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: [QB]"I grow old, I grow old,[QB] speaking of which how many orbits of the sun have you completed Oceans?
  24. I live in a mansion sounds impressive aye? but seriously modern apartment buildings are pretty good, my place is cool in summer (4th floor) pretty breezy, and in winter it holds heat well, one touyu(kerosene) heater. In my old company place I and my roomies once hada a 26000yen power bill in summer. yep two six 26
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